Friday, September 2, 2011

Girl's Gone Child Twin Names

ETA: the twins have arrived.(See this post for musings on their chosen names, and keep reading below to see what we guessed and view names of a similar spirit.)

Sometime after our second was born, I discovered the world of Mommy blogs. Naturally, I stumbled across Girl's Gone Child and was so pleased to find some thoughtfully named children and the honest writing of Rebecca Woolf.  Woolf also writes for Huffington Post, Babble, and has written a book, Rockabye, From Wild to Child.

Some months later, I went back to discover that this family was expecting twins. I immediately began wondering about what they might be named, given that her first two kids are named Archer and Fable. and given I'm a name nerd.

I was lured back to the blog over and over when she enticed us with her throw-away name list, gave the babes the womb names, Rhythm and Blues, and continued dropping little hints as to what their names might be. 

Elisabeth at YCII opened up this discussion. It turns out that I'm not the only one to wonder and wonder about what other people are naming their children.

 Here were my guesses/wishes for this family (in the comments of Elisabeth's post):

Reve (rev)- French for ‘dream’.
Lullaby (Luby, Lulu, Lully)- If anyone can pull this off, it’s them!
Hallow (too close to Hal? or maybe a tribute?) 
Vigil (could see this paired with Reve.)
Arrow (too much with Arher?)
Orchard (too close to Archer, but for someone…)
Vetiver (but for the ending.)
Yarrow (-o sound!)

Peace names:

Concordia (Coco, Dia, Cordi)
Zulema (Zuzu)

Poetry/music related:



From Myth:
Clotho (Clo) another -o ending! 




I'd love to see these sets: 
Reve Condcordia Wilde and Vigil Verbena
Clotho Zulema and Thisbe Dove  
Yarrow Reve and Vesper Virginia  
Gita Pomeline and Maple Calliope 
Arrow Zephyrine and Reve Nitsa

Then Rebecca started giving us more clues;Here is a roundup of clues:

*The  names start with letters R and B
*Names have shorter nickname options
*Matching but not matchy-matchy 
 *the babes are forces of nature

*the names are "the essences of themselves"
*at least one has a 'peace' middle name.

My final(ish) guesses:

Reverie, Rhapsody, Rosalie, Romilda,  Rimona, Rapid, Rudelle, Rapture, Romance 
Ballad or the French Ballade, Bijou, Bernadette, Billow, Begonia, Beata, Beryl, Bedelia, Bael, Bravura, Bellamy  

For middle names, I'm putting my bets on:
Zulema,  and 

 I definitely found some new names through pondering this, and dreamt up combos for her that I wouldn't mind using on my own future children, which is not all together surprising - something tells me one of her girls and one of mine are going to be sharing a name!  

We'll see shortly!  

And Rebecca Woolf, Happy remaning pregnancy, birthing and babymooning! I can't wait to hear these beautiful names! 

(all photos from Girl's Gone Child)


  1. I've just started reading GGC's blog as well.

    I like Reverie, I've seen it pop up on a few boards lately.

    Boheme would also suit a force of nature and Rebecca. I love it. Boo/Bo is a cute nn as well.

    I think Ballad is too close to Fable, theme-wise.

    I don't have any other guesses, will maybe come back later with others.

  2. I find Rhapsody to be a completely delightful name, she's so fun the say. Bloom is pretty as well. Before R&B came about, I thought Cloud would make for a sweet choice, and perhaps still a middle name option for them, or Emerald perhaps.

    I'm sure I've seen her mention Bijou beforehand as well as Reverie.

    There's a French word, Robinet, which I love saying, but it means tap/faucet in French. It's also the name of a type of bird, and a type of grape in France, so still an option.

    Really nice suggestions.

  3. Boheme? hadn't thought of that one!

    I agree on Rhapsody, Mere, and I love Bloom. I ruled it out for her, though, due it's lack of nicname options? I adore the name Claude because it sounds like Cloud...that simple. Emerald is lovely, too. Robinet...hmm. We don't have to wait too much longer!

  4. Twins are here and doing well. Can't wait to see those names!

    Vox and Revere were released this week as the would-have-been boys names.

  5. I can't believe Aiti guessed Boheme and you guessed Reverie! They're both such unusual (and beautiful!) names, that's crazy!

  6. Emerald is lovely, too. Robinet...hmm. We don't have to wait too much longer!

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  7. Thanks Tamil. She actually had her twins many weeks ago. there's an update at the top of this post, actually, and links to her blog in both my posts on this topic.

  8. I am interested in Vetiver. Can you please provide more info? B/G? What do people think of it?

  9. I really like Clotho, do you think it could work in the states for a non-greek?

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