Monday, September 12, 2011

Madewell, Binki and Dree

Last week I got the new Madewell lookbook in the mail. I took the girls outside with some smoothies and a blanket and looked at the catalog as they strolled around in the cool breeze (thank goodness!) 

  I zoned in on the names of two of the women featured in the publication: Binki Shapiro (of Little Joy) and Dree Hemingway (yup, Ernest's great granddaughter.)

Here's a song of Little Joy's. If you like to listen while you browse, just hit play and enjoy the scenery:

I like this song a lot.  I really love her voice.  It's just after dinner time now as I write. It's raining, my babies are pasted to the window watching it, and the song and rain sound pretty perfect together. 

That's Binki Shapiro. Her real name is Jordana, also quite lovely,  but I love her nickname. 

Here she is with her band, and in her home in NY:

Also, the name of her musician bandmate/boyfriend (from the Strokes and Little Joy) is note worthy for our purposes--Fabrizio Moretti.  Have you heard this name too much over the last decade, or does it sound fresh to you? I rather like it.  Of course I do; it ends in -o and can yeild the nickname Breezy!  I also think the nickname, Fab,is well, fab.

I like this interview with Binki, below!

That's Dree Hemingway below. I went looking to see if this was a shortening for a longer name, like Andrea. I found no such information, but I did find some freakin' awesome names associated with this girl and her family tree. 

Can we start with Ernest? I love this name; do you?
Ernest Miller Hemingway was married three times to Hadley, Pauline, and Martha, and almost married an Agnes. He had several children from his first two marriages: Jack "Bumby" (feels like Binki), Patrick and Gregory (who changed his name to Gloria.) Patrick was married to HenriettaBumby married Byra (who went by Puck.) Together Bumby and Byra had three girls: Joan (who went by Muffet), Margot Louise (who changed her name to Margaux) and Mariel Hadley (an actress.) Margot had two marriages to Errol  and Bernard. Mariel was married to Stephen and they had two daughters: Dree and Langley Fox. There was a cousin named Adiel in all of this, somewhere, too.
That's quite a bunch of names!

I should also say that Ernest reminds me of Ernestine, of course, which then reminds me of Hazel, because I frequented a bar in college called Ernestine and Hazel's, in Memphis, known for their soul burgers. Downstairs was a juke joint filled with sweaty, dancing kids and boomers. With it's constant flow of people moving in and out all night, "Love and Happiness", by Reverend Al Green got played at least twenty times a night. And I never got tired of it in five years.  The upstairs of E&H's was a slightly swankier  bar with private-ish rooms full of sofas, peeling paint and massively tall ceilings.  The old house-turned-bar used to be a brothel, I'm told.

The names from today's post inspiration:



Fabrizio (Fab, Breezy)


Ernest or Earnest or Ernesto (Ernie, Nesto, or Nest. I love Ernest's name even if he didn't, which I read was because he didn't like Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest, and assumed he was named after it?)

Ernestine (Someone please have a baby girl named Ernestine and call her Nest or Nestie!)


Miller (went to school with one. like it.)



















Gloria (you know this is really growing on me. I mean, it's just so lovely to the ear. I'd love it as a middle name with something super snappy up front. I also really like Gloria Josephine, lately, nn-Glory)





   Do you like Little Joy? Are you fans of Hemingway?  What about the names in that bunch? I'll say it one last time, Earnest and Ernestine are  perfection. 


  1. Hi, I recently discovered your blog through GGC and have enjoyed reading through it. From this post I love Miller, Margot (Margaux), Hemingway, and Langley. From a previous post I love, love, love Julep.

  2. I'm on the fence about whether I like Margot or Margaux more, since the latter appeals to my francophile nature.

    I also really like the name Henrietta, since she could shorten so many ways! Rita, Hattie, Hero, Ena, Etta...

  3. Thank you, Tracy! I'm so glad you found us!

    Mer, I think I like Margot more, not sure why. and Henrietta to Rita is so fine!!!! I love me some lovely Rita (my mother's name.)