Friday, September 30, 2011

Pairs of Lovely Loves.

Have you guys see Once Wed?  It's an amazing wedding spot! I officially want to remarry my husband.

The founder, Emily, started the site as  free listing service for wedding dresses.

and then......... it grew.

 It's now one of the best online spots to find artful, "unconventional" real weddings. Unconventional weddings, you say? Well then I just wonder about the names linked to them, don't you guys?

Creative Director Joy (a current name crush of mine) Thigpen is doing quite a beautiful job there, as well. She is also a mom to two children, named River and Oswin! How fantastic!

In addition to those great used wedding dresses that you may buy or sell, there is also a boutique featuring some lovely new gowns, and fantastic ideas for your wedding, many of them DIY.  You'll also find a vendor guide, and see lots and lots of uber amazing REAL weddings.... with real names attached.

There's almost no type of name-fabulousness that I love seeing more than a pair of great names linked together as a couple! There are pages and pages of the most beautiful weddings over on Once Wed. I'm going to list some of the images and names that really caught my eye.  There are some truly unique names in this bunch, just as unique and well matched as the couples and their weddings. And this is just the tiniest fraction of the real-wedding goodness that is there to be gobbled up by beauty-hungry eyeballs:

Tim and Kesh

Ros and Blake

Ed and Ginny (as in Edward and Virginia? Oh my god. love)

Elin and Christofer 

Gabriel and Fanny (are you kidding me? fantastic)

Vianney and Elodie

Kendall and Manny (I went to camp with a Kendall)

Antonio and Silvia (now that's a name match made in yummersville) 

Max and Margaux (wow and wow)

Chelsea and Forrest (that a guy named Forrest would be so perfectly dressed to suit his name. ahh.)

Yota and Joseph 

Joo and Jacob

Clover and Trae

Nills and Hannele

Ellen and Simon

Victoria and Fritz

Sooki and Johan (that's a name pair that's made to last)

Yuli and Keith

Kenn and Sarai

Midori and Adam (Oh! Midori! someone in real life using this beautiful, amazing name!)

Roanne and Johnny (Johnny and Ro? perf. and this dress with that hair bow!)

Courtney and Taavo

These are truly some of the most beautiful wedding photos I've ever seen, by a ton of really talented photographers. For each couple featured here, there are dozens more photos of their weddings, and many, many more couples with dozens of their own wedding photos over on Once Wed. You can learn more about each and every photographer and couple there, as well.

What about these names?  And what a clever name for this business!  Any favorites?

(all photos courtesy Once Wed)


  1. Wow, such a nice post! Speaking of Ed and Ginny, presumably Edward and Virginia, as you said, I used to be a nanny to four children, Virginia "Ginny" was the eldest, then Georgina "Georgie", then twins Richard and Edward.
    From this post I also love River, Elodie, Margaux, Joseph and Clover. But Midori? I mean, I've never heard it as a name, only as a melon liquer, so I can't say I'm a fan.

  2. This post is love :) I hate the idea of having a budget-busting WEDDING when all I'd want is to be married, and the typical bridal gowns make me want to run off to Vegas. Now I want to have a wedding. Guess I knew where my research will start if and when I ever get a husband ;)

    Midori Ito uses the name (is US figure skating less popular than I thought?)

    I think Clover and Trae is a name set right out of 2011 trends ;) awesome!

  3. aww :) cute! also, this blog is, no lie, one of the best things I've ever found on the internet. ever.

  4. Thanks for the comments, ladies!

    Jessie May, I've never heard of the it, by chance, green? I'm pretty sure Midori means 'green'. I love both the sound and meaning.

    nms--I totally agree! We eloped, but this site has me wishing for a do over.

    Michelle--thank you!