Monday, October 17, 2011

Oh Joy! and Heartfish Press welcome babies Ruby & Mili! (updated)

Double posts today, and the week won't slow down from here!

Continuing birth week on Marginamia, we finish our Monday with some blogger birth announcements! 

We'll be celebrating the act of childbirth in various ways this week from birth announcements, to birth stories, looks at childbirth pioneers, and name consultations. 

Last Wednesday was a big day for blog baby births! 

Artist and blogger Hijiri Shepard  of Heartfish Press shop and blog (those are a few of her prints above) welcomed baby girl Mili Jane Shepard. I love this name! I wonder if it's short for something else, as I've found varying stories on the name.  According to one source, it's Hebrew. According to another, it's Japanese, which would make sense, as Hijiri is japanese.  I love me a short-n-simple name!  I'll update when I know the full name!  

If you want a great print, wedding invitations, birth announcements, business cards (she's offering 20% off with code "WELCOMEBABY") or a great read, check out Heart Fish Press!  


Joy Cho (of the blog Oh Joy) might have been one of the cutest pregnant ladies ever, but it was not to last.  Babies get born and all, and her's has been! 

Welcome baby Ruby Katherine Cho.  This one was hard to keep to the chest! I actually saw the first name, Ruby, via tweet from another design blogger on Wednesday, but I couldn't find any formal announcement from Joy, so of course, we had to wait for that to run this post. We got the full name on Joy's blog today.  Kathrine was to honor a friend and family member who passed away. Little Ruby also has two nicknames, which I hope we get to hear soon, as well!

If you're looking for great design and fashion inspiration (and yummy food), head on over to Oh Joy!  I can also hardly wait to see what I imagine will be one of the happiest nurseries ever! I mean, check out these drawers! (I have the same dresser, unpainted, in the guest room and hmmm....)

I think the name is a pretty great fit for this family!  A jewel name is just perfect for a babe born to the Chos, and Ruby is just feisty and vintage enough.  I would have also loved Opal, given that the baby was born in October, but Ruby definitely feels more like Joy's kind of jewel! Any other jewelry lovers out there due this month? Opal might be a great name for you!

Congratulations to these families on their beautiful baby girls! 

From today's inspirations:

I'd even love to see some of these names paired together!
Opal Hijiri
Mili Joy
Opal Joy

(images via 3, 4 Oh Joy! and 1, 2 Heartfish Press)


  1. I've always loved Ruby. Such a sweet, timeless name, and one of my sisters is Ruby Queen :) In my town, though, Ruby is definitely one of the most common girls' names, so I know about 10 different Rubys. Still, gorgeous. And Mili is lovely too! Congratulations to Hijiri and Joy! x

  2. How popular is Ruby over in the States? She's on-off as the #1 name 'round my parts (currently #1 in Wales). Opal is stunning, though, despite the association of being the name of a main baddie in one of the more popular series of books in the UK - Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer.

  3. The only contact I have with Mili is Dear Mili, a Maurice Sendak book which is an adaptation of a "lost" Grimm fairytale. It was a favorite of mine growing up but I think it's out of print.

  4. I think Mili Joy is lovely - moreso than Now Joy, for sure. Now Joy looks great on paper, and great together, but I can't wrap my mind around the supposed beauty of a girl called Now...