Monday, October 10, 2011

Pia Jane

The woman in the photo above, and the photo, itself (in it's styling) looks like the name Pia Jane, right? Love it.

Pia is a stylist and photographer, specializing in interiors and food styling.  She's a writer and traveler, and a fantastic blogger. She has authored several books:

The Made by Hand series features the places to go in Paris and Amsterdam to find the best of handmade, found/reworked and vintage beauties. My Heart Wanders is a documentation of Pia Jane's own bold move to take off and follow her wandering instincts through France, Italy, Amsterdam and Sydney. I can't wait to read this. She splits her time between living in Paris, Sydney and Amsterdam....on a house boat in Amsterdam, no less. On her lovely blog, she even offers soundscapes of her home life there from the boat. dreamy.

She also keeps that beautiful blog of hers stocked in lovely photos, of course:

And...... there's her name. It couldn't be more lovely or perfect.

Pia--is Latin and means 'reverent' or 'pious'.   She definitely has a deep reverence for beauty, so this is a lovely fit for her.

Jane-- ahh, a classic. The best of the classics, really. My favorite one, at least. It's Hebrew and means 'god is gracious'.

The whole name is lovely together, such a musical flow.  It's one of my very most favorite names to have encountered on a real person-- so simple, feminine, elegant and pretty. And the accompanying creative person and her work are just as lovely!

What about it, readers? Any favorites of yours to have discovered on a real person in the blogosphere? Have you read Pia's books?

(images: from Home Beautiful Magazine scan, Handmade Amsterdam, Handmade Paris, all others courtesy Pia Jane Bijerk and blog)


  1. I agree with you about Jane, she just sounds so pretty with other names.

  2. Pia works -- much preferable to its male counterpart, which is a bit too "pious" I fear.