Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bow-tie Harvey

The holiday shopping report continues; this time I've been hunting for gifts for my husband!  Since I'm confident he won't be reading this, I got him: 

--Vintage flannel shirts from Hoof and Antler (representative of some very recent plans we're excitedly brewing!) Their selection of vintage flannel is impressive, and they came perfectly tended and smelling great!

-- This amazing saltwater soap, scented with Rosemary and Patchouli (i got myself the Winter citrus). Saipua (Finnish for 'soap') has more deliciously scented soaps and candles. I can't wait to try them all. More I'm looking forward to, as much for their names as their scents? Vetiver, Cedarmoss, Basil,  and Gardner. A handmade, natural, pretty soap tied to both Finnish and nature names? Yes, please!

--And somewhat opposite the woodsman theme I'm crafting, I got my husband some bow ties. 
 Noticing that my seller (ebay) was auctioning off a ton of vintage bow ties, I just had to pry into their history after I purchased them. As it turns out, the seller teaches a computer course to senior citizens in Queens, and his dear student, Harvey, wanted to see if there was any interest in his beloved collection of bow ties (yes, Harvey, there is!) The dapper ties are apparently pretty precious to Harvey, but his wife was threatening to dump them all out in the trash if he didn't find them a new home.  I must say, it's a scene I've imagined several times with a bit of a chuckle. I can kind of relate to poor Harvey's wife from time to time. Harvey was so tickled that his collection sold and that they're all going to one home together; don't you love that? 
And I love the name I found alongside this gift; I can certainly see this one coming back in a big way!  I don't know about my husband, but I'll sure think of Harvey (and his wife) each time I see the ties on their way to the office. Perhaps I'll be reminded to take a more humorous look at my own husband's hoarded collected-but-long-unworn t shirts.  
After wrapping our ties (the box with the bow tie on it),  I found a few more I'd like to add to the bunch, from shop Her and I (second image, above).  These ties are handmade and ever so lovely. And just when I thought the shopping was finished! Thankfully, husband has a January birthday and an endless love of bow ties. 

From today:
Harvey (means 'primed for battle', though clearly our Harvey was not!) 

Herve (the French version)



Patchouli (I can't help but think this could be too much of a hippie cliche as a name, but with a polished first name, it might just work.)





Cedarmoss (a smoosh that could work for a boy!)

I think my first choice for today's name combo (using only the names above) is likely already pretty obvious:
Harvey Cedarmoss

p.s.-- Is anyone else having trouble with blogger's fonts? My usual blog title font is available for selection, but then it reverts to a different font on the actual page. I used the closest substitute I could find, in the mean time, but I'm eager to go back. Anyone have any recommendations? Maybe it's time to look outside blogger for a pretty font. 

(images: 1-mine, 2-saipua, 3-her and i)


  1. Cedarmoss is a delightful suggestion - could definitely see it working!

  2. I've seen babies named Cedar and moss, but Cedarmoss is delightful.