Wednesday, December 28, 2011

in my stocking

A string of holiday gift and activity posts wouldn't be complete without a list of some of the beauties I woke up to this year from my thoughtful husband. And no, not all of these goodies were actually in my stocking santa hat. 

-- Portrait paintings of each of our girls by Tel-Avivian artist, Tali, of shop Tush Tush. This is something I've been wanting for a long time. I just can't decide if I want Nona's to be current, or from her babyhood or early toddlerhood, so that I capture both girls at the same stage of growth. I know I want the coloring of both portraits to be like that in the painting of Jane (first image). 

--a beautiful, vintage woven and leather tote from shop Santoki Vintage. Santoki means 'mountain rabbit' in Korean (second image). This one is so perfect for all our trips to the library!

--the 2012 leah duncan calendar (third image) here

--a new lens for my camera. This was a total surprise and I'm so excited. I've wanted to really delve into photography for such a long time now.  I also got a half day photography class to learn how to use my camera and lens properly. This doesn't have any names associated with it (yet) but I'm too excited not to share!

-- a very compact, white turntable. In some attempt to get rid of a lot of things in our home, I agreed to finally let go of my old stash of vinyl since I haven't had a record player in about seven years. After watching me go through my pile of records, reciting the memories attached to the various pieces of music,  my sweet husband decided to just get me the turntable rather than have me toss the albums. The girls and I have had so much fun listening to records together. Nona has already mastered the art of gently working the needle and has listened to Bambi about twenty times in two days. I'm stuck on Hank Williams (my uncle used to play him during our Christmas gatherings when I was growing up) and Joan Baez.

From today:










This completes my holiday round up-- things will return to normal from here.  I'm super excited for all that's brewing for the new year!

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  1. Would you consider doing a post on Finnish names? I love them and I think you would come up with some really great ideas :) Also, I love that painting!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Elisabeth! Funny you should bring this up...this post is being worked on now and is all scheduled for Monday!

  3. Instead of camera names, how about photographers you admire? I know a girl named Ansel (named after the great Ansel Adams). I'm a fan of Sally Mann and William Eggleston, to name a couple. Just an idea! Sounds like you had a great Christmas! xo!

  4. great idea, Nicole! That will likely be a post in itself! I'm also a fan of William Eggleston, and Ansel was a name we considered very early on for Nona, prior to knowing the sex.

  5. I'm Excited for what delights you'll deliver :D