Wednesday, December 21, 2011

stocking stuffer names

Okay, so we don't actually have stockings this year. We accidentally started something a few years back which has sort of become a tradition: we hang plaid santa hats, empty them of their goodies and then we each wear one for gift opening. So, in the hats this year will be Mast Brothers chocolate bars, photo/story books of the girls (for husband) and beautifully scented Mama K play dough. Grandparents, aunts and uncles will also be getting chocolate bars and photo books, both fantastic for savoring.

--I first encountered the Mast Brothers chocolate on Jennifer Causey's The Maker's Project (where I also got the first image. thank you, Jennifer!) here.   I was immediately mesmerized and knew I had to try it out. Then when I saw this amazing mini documentary by The Scout, I knew this chocolate was the perfect gift for my family members, who all love chocolate and stories of this nature. Rick and Michael Mast hand craft the chocolate in Brooklyn, work responsibly with farms from within the American Catskills to farms in the Dominican Republic (I LOVE this film about their relationships with the farmers. Yes, all caps/bold love), and they are even going to Sail the Atlantic to pick up ingredients! I simply love their story, and their chocolate. Flavors to be found in their Coco bars: Hickory, Plum, Sarsaparilla, Cherry, Mint, Frankie (frankie's olive oil), Olive (ditto), Pepper, Maine, Sea (from sea salt created with solar salt houses!)

--The last batch of play dough I made for my oldest is long dried, and I guarantee it didn't smell or look like the these smelly clays from shop Mama K. They're gluten free, pretty, and made from only natural oils and vegetable colorants.  Mama K lives in Seattle and is mama to daughters, Olimpia and Pepper! We got the stocking stuffer kit with all seven mini versions of each scent.   They will be a only-while-baby-is-napping toy because baby still likes to eat things like heaping scoops of mud, for example (yesterday.) As big sister grows more reluctant to having quite time, herself, these will help encourage her to play quietly while little sister sleeps; she'll actually be begging to have some "private time", I'm guessing.  Though, I might just enjoy playing with them as much as she does; I really can't resist aroma therapy that involves using my hands! The names of the clay you can find at Mama K? Bergamot, Chamomile, Geranium, Lavender, Lemongrass, and sweet Orange.

--And here are some names of people receiving the Mast Brothers chocolate bars and picture books of the girls: Thurman, Marlene, Dorothy 'Dot', Colleen, and Norma.  Any of these ready for a revival?

From today's inspirations:









Hickory (love)

Plum (ever the fan of Plum)

Sarsaparilla, (oh the cute nickname options here: Sassy, Rilla, PrillaPia)













Lemongrass (okay, this might be a bit much, but Lemon is cute cute cute!)



Marlene (I really see this one picking up in the next five years!)

Dorothy 'Dot' 



And with vintage names and food names comprising today's list, you know I can't resist name combos:

Sarsaparilla Colleen

Coco Marlene 

Thurman Atlantic

Frankie Mint

Dorothy Geranium 

Hickory Michael 

Norma Bean

Olimpia Olive

Have you guys tried this chocolate? What of the names? Any other names out there you'd love to see paired with them?

Stay tuned for names inspired by our Holiday crafts and activities!

 (images: chocolate bars here, juju-mine, play clay here)


  1. What a sweet tradition --

    I've always liked Mint as a name, and Maine is nice, too. Other favorites from this collection are Bergamot and Olimpia.

  2. Great post. I love Thurman! Happy holidays to you and your family! xo.

  3. I heart Scout :)
    for a girl or boy is my question?

  4. And to you, as well, Nicole!

    Anonymous-- I think it's more likely found on girls due to it's literary connection, but it could certainly work on either.

  5. Is the little girl Valo? If it is she is so adorable. I would love to see pictures of her and Nona.