Monday, January 2, 2012

you're my fave - part one

I was planning to start 2012 with something I'm pretty excited about-- the first post in a series on Finnish names, blogs, homes and artists (including an interview!); but I've decided to put it off till later this week (stay tuned.)

In stead, I want to take a post (maybe two) to have a look back at Marginamia's 2011, selecting my favorites from each post: my favorites in the comments from my brilliantly creative readers, my favorite picks from the designers who participated in Ask,  my favorite name pairings from post to post, and the names I'm simply most partial to from all the names I've featured.... along with some new name pairings, of course. 

For part one of my 2011 faves list, I'm showcasing my favorites from our Ask interviews and my favorite contributions from you, the readers, from within your lovely comments. 

The images above are from each of the Ask series of designer interviews. This was a great year for Ask! (and yes, we'll be getting back to it regularly very soon-- I'm so excited about the coming interviews!) I want to extend another big thanks to all the wonderful designers who participated this year. This is absolutely such a special part of this blog; it wouldn't be Marginamia with out it!  Here are my favorites from our Ask segments--

single name favorites from Ask (in order of dates featured):

Celosia (Nicolette Owen of Nicolette Camile Floral Design and Little Flower School)

Edith (Jenny Gordy of Wiksten)

Potter (Jenny Gordy of Wiksten)

Honora (Jenny Gordy of Wiksten)

Dahlia (Amy Merrick of An Apple a Day)

Vine (Sarah Winward of Honey of a Thousand Flowers)

Cedar (Sarah Winward of Honey of a Thousand Flowers)

Aves (Jennifer Wong of Wongoers)

Kazu (Natsuko Hagiwara of Me & Arrow)

Rie (Megan Neilson of Design Diary)

name combo faves from Ask:

Dahlia Elspeth (Nicolette Owen of Nicolette Camile Floral Design and Little Flower School)

Cotton Lela (Jenny Gordy of Wiksten)

Marigold March (Amy Merrick of An Apple a Day)

Autumn Bell (Sarah Winward of Honey of a Thousand Flowers)

Halcyon Teak  (Jennifer Wong of Wongoers)

Hoshi Alela (Natsuko Hagiwara of Me & Arrow)

Phillipina Johana 'Pina' (Megan Neilson of Design Diary)

Another element of this blog that's really special to me is it's readers, not just in that it has readers, but in the particular readers and commenters I have had the pleasure of interacting with this year. I have been so touched in receiving such lovely emails from you, from the letters centered on funny name anecdotes to those full of beautiful, personal stories--thank you for sharing!  I'm often well entertained and inspired to simply link back to your own blogs through the comments, and I feel so proud to have such a lovely, creative bunch gathered here.  
Suffice it to say, y'all have left some amazing comments, and I'm so grateful for your thoughtful contributions- a giant Thank you to my readers!

Here are some names and name combos that really shine from your comments (in no particular order):

Sundew (from Nook of Names)

Momo (from Lucy of Merdenoms)

Hoshi (Japanese for 'star', from Ebirdie)

Iska (from Nook of Names)

Esha (from Lucy)

Clemency (also from Lucy )

Azusa (Japanese, from Mandy)

Palmira (from Jessie May)

Forsythia (from eBirdie)

Fuchsia (from Nook)

Georgina (from Jessie May)

Honey (from eBirdie)

Hermione (from Jessie May)

Robinet (from Lucy)

Cloud (from Lucy)

Georgia (from Modern Crush)

Boheme (from Äiti)

Ibis (from Eponymia)

Myrto (from Jessie May)

Bedivere (from Midwinter names)

Fergus (from Nook)

Oski (from Nook)

Inigo (from Nook)

Nell (from eBirdie)

Belia (from Midwinter names)

Fernanda (also from Jessie May)

Pomerine (from eponymia)

Cleonie (from eponymia)

Eimi (from Anna Emilia)

Brontë (from Nook)

Pepperberry (from Midwinter names)

Murrelet (from eponymia)

Fairuza (from Cristina)

Bay (from T.)

and my favorite name combos from your comments (in no particular order):

Alma Lark (from eBirdie)

William Pear (from Jessie May)

Olive Frances (JM)

Fig Ava (JM)

Emerald Moseley (from Nicole)

Ulani Francesca (JM)

Rosalind Roma (from Nicole) (this would be a perfect 'Ro' name)

Edith Honey Rose 'Eadie' (JM)

Frances Winter (JM)

Seneca Agnes (from Nicole )

Julep Henriette (mine)

Concordia Enid (from Midwinter names)

Lona Mavourneen (from JM)

Joesephine Dahlia (from T.)

Beatrice Bluebell 'Bebe' (from Nicole)

Marguerite Constance 'Daisy' (from T.)

Tallulah Reve (from E.)

Bramble Bellamy (from names for real)

Cloud Marceline (from P.J.)

Oscar Tobermory (from Lucy)

Lucia Frost (from Nicole)

Silvestra Snow (from eBirdie)

Juliet Ophira (from British Baby Names)

Jasper Deco (from British Baby Names)

There you have it, the best of all your lovely contributions in one place. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Now I want to do some new combos from the two singles lists from today (Ask-designer singles and commenter singles), so that the designers and readers may join forces to create awesome combinations!

Designer/Commenter combos:

Celosia Boheme

Potter Inigo

Honora Cleonie 

Cedar Bedivere

Fergus Vine

Sundew Rie 

Clemency Aves

Georgina Kazu

Next up? more favorites, I think: mine and yours! 
Happy 2012! 

(images: one by nicolette owen, two from wiksten blog by jenny gordy, three from an apple a day by amy merrick, four from honey of a thousand flowers by sarah windward, five from me & arrow by brandon harmon, six from myrtle avenue bird town, seven from megan nealson's design diary by brett dierolf.)


  1. Happy new year! Your blog is lovely - looking forward to all your new posts in 2012!

  2. Happy New Year. So looking forward to your Finnish specials.

  3. HA! My best friend's name is Frances Winter. So pleased to be included :)

  4. Aww, thanks so much for including me! I have loved following your blog. Cheers to a New Year! xo.