Wednesday, March 28, 2012

finnish names - part four

 Leena of Björbacka, her images are some of the warmest I've seen.
Her's was amongst the four Finnish blogs I featured last week in my debut post for Design for Mankind. Today I'd like to show a bit more of the aforementioned blogs, along with a few more I saved for this week. Today's post also brings my second list of Finnish word names, bringing this series just a few posts shy of it's completion.  

Suvi sur Levif, I'm as in love with your new blog and all the food it's bringing my way as I am with the name Suvi.

I enjoy kotipalapeli most for her family goodness and bright colors.

Minna's time of the aquarius is full of interior jewels and one lovely name, to boot. 

And the blogs I saved for today:

After meeting in the woods at a music festival, Saana ja Olli got together for life and business. They now make the prettiest textiles (sustainably!!!). The blog and lookbooks are a real treat. Images by Unto Rautio, and heavens, see the rest of his photography!

Jutta of kootut murut is hosting a design blog and bits of her own home, as well. I think laundry might be a pretty cheery task amidst those colors.

Illustrator, Susanna, is sharing a blog as lovely as her art, and I so love her name. I sure would love to sew up some dresses from the magazine she featured. Sew along, Susanna?  

Jennan sure makes some lovely buns and photos. 

I couldn't possibly list all the lovely Finnish blogs I fancy in one post, so expect to see the rest popping up here and there, tucked amongst other blog gems, at Design for Mankind every other Thursday.

 The word names I'm featuring today venture a bit into nature, leading us nicely toward the last remaining posts of this series, where I'll focus on more direct nature names and Finnish naming practices. 

So here they are, some Finnish words that might well appeal to those inclined toward selections of this sort. Some may be better in the middle, and as always, please correct me if I've got something wrong.  

Ainoa (the only one)

Lahja (gift)

Taika  (magic)

Aika  (time)

Aamu (morning)

Hämärä (dusk)

Ilta (evening)

Päivä (day)

Sesonki (season)

Kesä (Summer) or

Suvi (Summer)

Siski (fall)

Talvi (winter)

Kevät (spring)

Helmikuu (February)

Elokuu (August)

Syyskuu (September)

Perjantai (Friday)

Lauantai (Saturday)

Sunnuntai (Sunday)

Sininen (blue)

Vihreä (green)

Kulta (gold)

Hopea (silver)

Pronssi (bronze)

Kupari (copper)

Koru (jewel)

Helmi (pearl)

Safiiri (sapphire)

Kivi (stone)

Jalo (noble)

Jalokivi (gemstone)(I assume jalokivi translates more literally to "noble stone"? wow.)

(images: courtesy of and by each featured blogger alongside them, unless otherwise noted.)


  1. Oh my goodness!Thank you for listing me along with these amazing bloggers! And thank you for saying such sweet words, I blushed! Your blog is one of my favorites at this moment.
    A sew along? :) I'll have to think about it!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. you're very welcome, Susanna! and thank you for your kind words.

  3. So many beautiful images here - those textiles are gorgeous. And i love your collection of names - a favorite topic of mine, as I love words and their origins in general.

  4. Hei, I just stumbled upon your lovely blog while searching for inspiration in naming a lake cottage. I am half Finnish,so I am partial to many of these names and words. My own son is named Aarre, which is "treasure". So is this blog! Terveiset, Nicole Milman

  5. Nicole! Your son's name is so beautiful. wow. And please, please, for goodness' sake, let us know what you name your lake cottage!

  6. HI there, I will do that. Thanks for the lovely posts here! Aarre is one of the best names around, but I think no longer used much in Finland, as it is considered old fashioned. My grandmother's name was Lyyli - now THAT'S a name impossible to say unless you can grasp Finnish sounds :)