Thursday, April 5, 2012

minä perhonen

I really like the Spring/Summer 2012 beauties from  Minä Perhonen.  One of my favorite textiles is the tree print, called Metsä, which is Finnish for "forrest".  Minä means "I", and Perhonen is "butterfly".  The Japanese designer behind the line (Akira Minagawa) chose a Finnish name for his brand because he "sympathized with the lifestyle and the culture of Finland".  

Me too, Akira.  Naturally, I thought this line a good feature amidst my series on Finnish names.

The lovely photos bring us yet more names: photographer, Norio Kidera, and model, Junko Motoyama. The film attached to this season's creations is really pretty, too.  It carries names Hiromi Chinone (hair and makeup), and model, Kiki.  And the music in the film is by group Karluv207, members Kozue and Natsuko. Interestingly appropriate (and likely no accidental selection on Akira's part) is that this Japanese musical duo plays the mandolin and the kantele, the Finnish national instrument and key player in it's Kalevala.  I think both instruments make names as lovely as their music.













With this beautiful mix of Finnish and Japanese names fueling my inspiration, I can't resist making a few combinations with one name from each language:

Kiki Elokuu

Ilta Norio 

Metsä Koemi

Suzu Laulelma (bell. song.)

Hoshi Ommel (star. stitch.)

Halu Umeko (wish. plum blossom.)

Yumi Kertova

Totta Midori (true. green)

Hiromi Mansikka 

Suvi Mandolin

Emi Apila 

Sachi Omena 

Ilo Maemi 

Sumi Perhonen 

Akeno  Kantele 

Sulka Kozue

Don't Finnish and Japanese names seem such natural pairings? Perhaps for some of the same reasons that a Japanese  line inspired so much by the culture of Finland (not to mention a blend of the countries' musical traditions) works so beautifully?

 I don't quite remember the meanings of each one of these names, but I know there are meanings there. It might be fun to look them up post-pairing, a sort of beautiful meaning-grab bag?

Don't forget to come visit me today at Design for Mankind; I'm featuring three pretty blogs from Sweden, Japan, and the U.S. 

(all images courtesy Minä Perhonen by Norio Kidera)


  1. ooo, love love that first dress.
    x kat

  2. Love the idea of a Finnish/Japanese combo -- and really enjoy Halu Umeko and Ilo Maemi.

  3. A lot of people comment about the two languages having the same roots---something about lands where the Mongolians, namely Genghis Kahn, conquered. Turkish is another such language. When I first took a flight to Turkey, I thought the crew was speaking in Japanese!

    1. Fascinating! I know there's a lot of debate as to the origins of the Finnish language -- I'm not expert on linguistics, but I'm inclined to lean toward the explanation you cite, I suppose based on the harmony of these languages. One more thing going on "things to research" list! thank you!

  4. I've always liked Kiki. Hoshi too. Your combinations here are wonderful!

    1. thank you, eBirdie. I think it may have been you who introduced me to Hoshi, actually? It's since become a favorite.