Friday, July 13, 2012


Clemence is one of my favorite names, and these pieces are just as pretty; I'm looking forward to longer hair so I can indulge in pretty hair combs.

  Similar names Clemency, ClementiaClemente, and Clement (one of my favorites on a little boy) are all lovely variations. 

The beautiful pouches are are Julia's of Rennes (pronounced like Wren).  Both Julia and Wren are loves of mine, too.  And Rennes is about the prettiest place name to be found anywhere. 

images: by Oeuvre


  1. I used to really like Clementine, but these days it's all about Clémence. Stunning name.

  2. It is a very pretty name, although around here I'm not sure I could get away with the french way of pronouncing it! I also love the name Wren. Simple and inspires such a sweet visual, a little bird....I think Clementine is pretty too, I had a cat named Clementine and her sister was Annie Oakley.

  3. Clémence is great -- I also like Clemency and Clementine, but Clementia looks too much like "dementia."

    Rennes really would make a lovely first name.

  4. So what is the French way of pronouncing this? because I'm just saying it like the word commence with an l. Is it supposed to be more emphasis on the first syllable?

    Love Clementine, actually, but Clemencia and Clemency are both nice. They mean mercy and actually, I like Mercy more as name than any of these, but they are still nice. Clemencia would be different than Clementia I suppose, it's Spanish and is "clu mehn see uh". I knew a Clemencia, she went by Clemmy.