Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Recently Nona and I packaged up a sixteenth birthday package for a special family friend. I wanted to wrap with something she could repurpose, of course, something that could be part of the gift, itself.  I love the various tying methods of furoshiki.  It's basically a simple cloth for toting, wrapping and wearing, super easy to make. But they become special when the cloth is lovingly crafted, don't they?  These organic cotton, hand printed ones from Etsy shop Forward Fabric caught my eye, and I couldn't resist. We kept one for ourselves, too, and it's doubled as a tote and blanket for our summer picnics (it's also been in heavy rotation as dress up garb). 

We're renting a sweet, mountain house next week in upstate New York for my birthday, hoping to catch some cooler temperatures, icy lake swims, farmer's markets, and long walks in the woods.  We're taking our time getting there and may pull over near Brooklyn.  It's a big maybe -- we like to be super flexible with car time and when/where we stop, depending on the moods of all involved -- but I'd love to hear about your favorite shops, dining spots and must do's near the area.  The Noguchi Museum, a bite to eat and one shop seems perfect for our time budget.  I may be overly ambitious, though! 

 I'll have a post or two lined up for while we're gone, but I won't be able to be too responsive as we'll be completely without internet service (isn't that wonderful!)  I'm really looking forward to our little get away. 

Do you have vacation plans for the summer? 

images: © Kristen Gregg


  1. have a wonderful birthday and trip ! xo

    1. Thanks, Jaime! And if you guys are up for a spur-of-the-moment-maybe Brooklyn lunch or museum or something ..... just depends on how the girls are doing in the car as to where we stop!