Tuesday, August 14, 2012


A real life Margot, a grown up one!  I loved this interview with artist Margot Bowan on Freunde von Freunden.  What a perfectly fitting name. She looks like a Margot, right?  And don't you always envision Margots to be artists of one kind or another? 

image: by Georgia Kuhn (another goodie)


  1. I'm sure it's no surprise I love this name, she definitely looks like a Margot!

    1. And you have finely named Margot yourself, Bessie!

  2. A fun little thing I just remembered! Whilst in London we visited the Tate modern, where there was an exhibition about women who inspire you. Projected on the walls were videos of people talking about the women who inspired them and I'm pretty sure this Margot was in it! I knew I recognised her from somewhere, it was a truly inspiring exhibit :)

  3. no, I picture Margot very differently. To me Margot has dark hair, is very serious, and does something very serious, like accounting. But I love this name.

  4. My auntie is Margot Stephanie :) She is probably the most fun, happy, energetic people I know and she works at a circus academy!