Monday, August 27, 2012

new york trip - part one

 My mother always said that the best trips are the unplanned ones, where you just pick up at the last second and go, no expectations, no plans, just a willingness to be led where the trip will take you. 

I think I meant well in trying to put a bit of that spirit into our little stop in Brooklyn, NY on our way upstate -- I usually tend to over plan for every little thing, easily spending all of my time gathering and none of my time doing -- but the fact is, I dropped the ball.

Let's just say that the hotel I booked in the dark (at the last possible second) looked great from the lobby!  So we were up and off to explore Brooklyn by 6:00 am, when almost no one else was awake yet, meaning we kind of had her all to ourselves. 

After some quick breakfast and a stroll through the park we headed to Bedford Avenue for a visit to Spoonbill & Sugartown book store.  We went back in three times that day. Yes, it's that good. 

Nona and I visited Mociun, just the two of us.  I was pretty blown away by the beauty of Caitlin's space, and by what wasn't there as much as by what was. Editing is the hardest thing to do, I think, but when it's done well it has such a powerful impact.  I picked up some Robert Blue pottery pieces there. They are my official Brooklyn 2012 mementos.

I was pretty excited to visit Catbird, as well, and was so glad I did.  Nona got to pick my birthday gift this year (with some help from her dad), so she selected a beautiful Marly Moretti bracelet.  The friendly staff mused with her about the glories of tie dye while she awaited the sparkly package. She was so proud.

After a bite to eat at Five Leaves (yum), we headed to Acorn toy store. This place is so pleasant and soothing with it's hefty Waldorf leanings and gentle beauty, so we were easily lulled into chatting with people for more time than we had in our budget while the girls played. 

Before we knew it, it was too late to go the Noguchi Museum as we'd wanted (shameful!), which just means we have to go back really soon for a day of gardens and museums. 

On our way out of town we made one last stop at Blue Marble Ice Cream for some cool cones and were on our way to the beautiful Catskills.  I kind of regret not taking more photos in Brooklyn, but I trust the spirit of our little trip won't be forgotten, photos or none. 

images: taken with iPhone © Kristen Gregg

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