Monday, September 17, 2012

bookmarkable roundup

It's been a while since I rounded up the bloggers I've featured through my Bookmarkable column at Design for Mankind into a name list.   Spanning a season's worth of posts, here are some interesting and infrequently-encountered names that follow alongside the blogs and work I've featured there (needless to say, I'm a huge fan of the blogs and work of those featured!):

Milena (image one)

Nina  (image two)

Alyce (image three)

Belinda (image four)

Love seeing these all together in one list. Any favorites readers? 

Please remember these are the names of real people who  interact with us, so let's keep it positive - thank you!

images: one by Milena Silvano (from a Katelyn's A Dinner to Dye for), two courtesy Mondays Projects, three by Alyce of First Came Love, four by Belinda of Alchemy


  1. I've been loving Ilsa lately, though I usually spell it Ilse.

  2. Thanks for the mention, Kristen.

    I think the personal connection is one of the things I love most about blogs and instagram of makers (and fellow fans of those makers!). I love to know about the person behind the product - what they do, what they love, what inspires them. Their story! I find that I don't really connect with products that don't have a story anymore. There are so many beautiful things being made by amazing people now - I feel like I have a wardrobe and home full of these people's stories. It's lovely!

    I really like Jennifer from Ermie, not just because of her AMAZING clothing, but because she actively uses her own label to help promote and develop the skills of other people with their own label. She's the perfect example of how one can have their own successful label and contribute to the success of others. She is also very real - I get a sense of the person she is through her blogs and instagram, she clearly loves what she does and loves to connect with other people. And she seems to respond to and validate every person who leaves a comment on her blog/instagram - she's very genuine.

    1. you bet, Belinda!

      And I'm with you - the connections are my favorite thing, too. I'm a story lover and do want my beloved belongings to be connected to people in that way, as well. Buying from small, independent businesses has always been a political thing for us, but I now feel more connected to the process and the people, for sure.

      And man, I love Jennifer, too! I've also connected with so many more great people sort of *through* her (I'm pretty sure I found you over at her space!)

      Thanks for such a thoughtful comment!

  3. So many good ones:
    Lola has always been a classic fave for me
    Signe is one that looks beautiful but I struggle in my mind trying to figure out to say it?