Monday, September 10, 2012


During our time in the Catskills we encountered several artists and business owners who merit a post. First up is Andes, NY restaurant, Buttercup. 

We spotted her from the road and pulled over immediately when I shouted,  "I want to eat there for my birthday!"  It just looks like a place you want to try, right?  I had no idea I was about to stumble upon one of the best dining experiences of my life when entering the newly opened restaurant, but that I did.  Roasted roma, heirloom, and fried green tomato salad; mexican corn chowder; pan roasted chicken with fennel; and kale salad with olives made for a creative yet simple, perfectly prepared, and awesomely delicious birthday lunch. 

The decor was perfect, and we got to watch it unfold a bit more when a local artist brought more of her cow paintings in as we enjoyed our dessert of local, blackberry ice cream. There were vintage toys lined up, as pretty as they were entertaining for the girls.  We chatted with the owners, who were incredibly gracious and interested in the full experience of their patrons, beyond simply serving them incredibly tasty food. 

 Stanley Fish of the New York Times stopped in for a meal, too, while we were there. There's probably nothing I could say about the place any better than he did here (including how it was named), so I'll just again say thank you to owners,Victoria Charkut and Peter Mullin, and chef, Chris McGee.  And readers, if you ever find yourselves in Andes, NY, I sure hope you have the good fortune to experience Buttercup (how about that name? perfect!)

images: taken with iPhone © Kristen Gregg


  1. Oh my this is delicious. What a lovely lovely article. Kristen, merci beaucoup! We're very happy you enjoyed your day (and birthday!) with us and it was a lovely day wasn't it? I love the pictures but especially the one of your girls, isn't that beautiful! I like your article much better than Mr. Fish's! all the best, Victoria

    1. My pleasure, Victoria! And thank you for the kind words. Yes, a perfect day it was! Can't wait to do it again.

  2. Wow this place looks delicious ... I would actually love to meet a person named Buttercup. It would be a crazy yet amazing name.

  3. I'd love some of that adirondack soda, I think.

  4. The name Buttercup and then that sign...the kitty-cat B! Geez, and the food looks and sounds amazing, making me miss summer vactions up north for sure!