Monday, October 29, 2012

Weaver Bloom

I'm always inspired by Jaime.  I've probably looked at her book daily since it arrived.  Funny, her book of blooms came to me in the mail the very same day as the vintage weaving kit I found on ebay.   As my desire to weave was also inspired a lot by Jaime, I found that timing to be pleasurably synchronistic. With the weaving kit taking much longer to arrive than anticipated, I'd almost forgotten about it.  Then there it was, right beside the beautiful flowers.  I'm particularly smitten with Jaime's latest weaving (pictured above), red flower in the snow, as it lends a bloom to the textile, syncing up with the book a bit, in color scheme as well as concept. 

This has inspired a few names for me, of course:

Weaver Bloom

Sable Anemone 

Crimson Neve

Thistle Violette

Saffron Wild 

Coral Vine

George Cosmos (the flower) 

Webster Morning Glory 'Web'

Bogart Snow 'Bo'

Savyon Web

Wilder Florian

Wistar Loom

I'm usually a fan of pairing the whimsical with the buttoned-up (as on Jeana's beautiful boy), but the descriptive double-word names are singing to me today!  

 I'm off now to figure out that sweet, little hand loom, as storm Sandy moans outside my window, and the babies sleep snuggly against their papa (who gets to be home from work today on account of this weather). We made a big, cozy meal for a late lunch, mostly to use up the perishable food in the fridge before we loose electricity, but also because having Chris here on a Monday feels like a lovely holiday.  

Hoping all of you in the storm's path stay safe and cozy, too. And while you're all packed away indoors, what are your favorite flower names? What crafts or food feel perfect to you on days like today? 

 images: 1- mine, 2-by Jaime Rugh


  1. I really love the flowery name Magnolia. Maggie is a family name on my husband's side, so I'm trying to use that to my advantage in my pro-Magnolia middle name campaign, should we ever have a child. (I'm set on Winifred Magnolia, but now that I read this post, something like Weaver Magnolia also strikes my fancy.)

    1. I love Winifred so much! It's a favorite. And Winifred Magnolia is extra pretty. I also think there are so many floral names that can be used for little boys, too. I'd so love to see more of that out there. Best of luck to you on that little one, and keep us posted on your name hunt!

  2. Love Thistle, I want to use it as a middle name. Also love Wilde and Wilder for a boy. Great names. And I love Jaime's blog as well, think I came across it on your blog.

  3. I love Wilder, Snow, & Vine and like several more of these names. Weaver is interesting and one I've never see before.

  4. thanks you sweet love.
    think of you often and wish we lived closer.

  5. I love Wistar Loom. But where does it come from? It sounds live a plant or flower but google only shows rats and physicists.

    1. yeah, it's kind of a stretch. Wistar was the scientist for whom the wisteria was named. but dang, I love the sound. His first name is cool, too - Caspar, but it doesn't share a sound with the actual flower.

  6. Read through the comments and was amused to see Magnolia at the top as Magnolia is my little girl's middle name, MaryJane Magnolia, her first name after my Grandma and her middle inspired by our southern city.

    I love the pairings of Coral Vine and Saffron Wild, those are goood.
    Some of my flora faves are Dahlia, Clementine, Poppy, Maple, Daisy, Palmer, Jessamine, Marigold, Ginger, Gardner, Neroli and Bergamot which I saw on another blog and thought was such a neat nod to my fave tea~ Earl Gray :)


    1. Magnolia is so pretty. It was on our list with our first daughter! And I adore those Southern double names. MaryJane Magnolia is just heavenly, really! I'm from the South, too ; ) And Dahlia, Maple, and Marigold are faves... Jessamine is stunning and kind of new to me!

      really enjoying your comments, thank you!