Thursday, December 27, 2012

happy holidays!

 I love winter light - how bright it is at it's purist, how pink it gets at twilight, how soft everything looks. and cozy.  The lull between the big holidays is a welcomed rest, where I can notice these little joys of winter settling in on us for the first time this year.  I'm sure missing those brown paper packages, but am enjoying the calm that comes with something big passing. 

 I made our stockings this year from old sweaters and included my first weavings on each.  Some of those weavings were such messes, which made them perfect for sewing onto stockings and sprinkling with sequins. We had such fun making the pom-poms (our littlest decided Pom Pom will be the name of our new kitty cat in the coming year).  I like watching my children paint up dreams for their new year during this quiet time - not quite a ritual yet, not really a conscious process, just  raw and beautiful this budding recognition of cycles and the promise they bring.  I sure hope Pom Pom becomes a reality for us, anyway (a Siberian tabby, if possible. with a fluffy sister, which Nona has already named Catnip Rose). 

images: © kristen gregg (taken with iPhone)

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