Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tadek Beutlich

So I signed up to make a weaving for a silent auction in my community - figured it would push me toward improving my skills and if no one likes it, they simply don't have to bid on it, right?  I got the fanciful idea to try and put a moon in my weaving, so I went searching for weavings with circles to try to figure out how to do it.  It wasn't long then before I came across Tadek's work (he passed away recently).  I'm completely new to him and I must say, I'm pretty obsessed.  I just keep staring and staring at his moon weaving, in particular.  Everything about it is pretty awe-inspiring. 

 I like the name, Tadek -  some good nick name options there, 'Taddy' being my favorite. Whether weaving or printing, this man sure whipped up some beauty.

p.s. what are your favorite weaving books or resources? 



  1. Tadek is actualy Tadeusz


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  4. I agree. This is a very neat depiction of the moon. Any idea on how Tadeusz is correctly pronounced? I would guess 'tah day ooze' or 'tah day oosh'. A version of Thaddeus, right? Like you I kind of like the even less familiar Tadek. There's something very cool about it. T or Tad would be good nicknames, though you could do Tek or even Tex.

    1. not 100%, but pretty sure it's TA-dee-oosh or TA-dee-oose. And pretty sure Tadek is actually TAY-dik. And I love 'Tek' - so cool.

  5. He went by the name Tadek and it is pronounced Tad-IK. I am arranging his post humous exhibition in Sussex, UK so you can see his work in the flesh and buy it too! I will do a website for info soon but for now you can contact me for info at My mother Fay was Tadek's assistant in Ditching and she learnt all his techniques- he was very clever! So good to see you appreciating him- Liz Hankins