Monday, April 29, 2013


I was taken in by so much of this interview with Pia Dehne.  This part of the country, where she lives and works, is near and dear to my own little family.  It's the backdrop for our girls' childhood vacation memories - all their big adventures and giggling-sister moments, hours in the car, no phone reception upon arrival, no internet, slightly stinky well water, every local an artist from the city seeking a slower life.  I wonder about all the memories yet to be formed on our future Catskills trips.  or if our girls will keep going back as adults, singing the same bonfire songs, telling old vacation tales.  like the time they found bear poop in the yard (probably deer poop), and then saw the same bear's paw prints in the mud on their family hike (likely a large dog's).  I wonder which one will hold on to the bear theory.

Pia talks briefly about her sister in the interview - Pia and Miriam, artist and film maker. sisters. 

via, photos by Debora Mittelstaedt 

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