Saturday, June 29, 2013

selling my summer dresses

1. Ace & Jig  SS12  Minidress in Providence Stripe, XS.   The fabric is such a comfortable, soft linen.   Tried it on a few times after my husband bought it for me a size too small, but it just doesn't fit (it was non refundable from  Steven Alan).
Listed here, on ebay.   SOLD

eBay Image Hosting at

2. Steven Alan  SS12 "Wade dress" in the lighter wash (pictured), size 4.  Worn a several times, laundered once.
here, on ebay.  SOLD

3. Another dress on final sale from Steven Alan,  "Danielle dress" in gray (tencel linen blend),  size 4.
Listed here, on ebay

I may list more of my own clothes as I continue to pare down even further.  I will be listing some children's pieces, waldorf/wooden/handmade toys, and our cloth diaper collection, too.  All in the coming week or two here.

I am doing some major purging with everything else in our home (and my virtual and mental spaces) too.  We joke that the summer will end with us having just a few cushions, mattresses, blankets and art supplies. And it just might.  It feels amazing to let go, doesn't it?   So amazing that, once you start this process, it's kinda hard to stop!

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