Monday, July 15, 2013

Richard Alpert

I love this early photo of Ram Dass. It's neat to think that here he was, pregnant with all he would become though he didn't yet know it,  couldn't yet feel his transformation as a possibility.  And yet, it was there with him then, too, when he was Richard Alpert, Harvard professor.

 Ram Dass means "servant of god".  Richard means "strong/powerful leader".  Both names seem fitting, given the course his life has taken (and it's probably no small coincidence that the Richard Alpert character on LOST shares his name). 

I'm really drawn to Richard's journey lately. again. fifteen years after my first love affair with the Harvard spiritual pioneers of the fifties and sixties.   I watched Ram Dass, Fierce Grace for the first time this weekend.  I'll definitely return to it again. 

Have you read Be Here Now?  

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