Thursday, December 8, 2011

More from The Glow

With the winter solstice approaching, I thought it appropriate to focus on images filled with beautiful light. I immediately thought of The Glow and their stunning portraits of creative families in their beautiful homes. It's been a little while since I last featured the beautiful project over at The Glow, and three new families have been brought under the light, along with their fantastic names, stylish interiors and interesting interviews.

--Christiane Lemieux and her children, Isabelle and William are the most recent feature. Their place is totally open and light. Equal parts exposed pipe, natural woods and ivory linens, it's a perfect place for dreaming and climbing.
"It’s indoor/outdoor living here."
This one sentence of Christiane's perfectly sums up my dream home.

--Cynthia Rowley was featured with her girls, Kit and Gigi. I fell in love with these little ones and their gold piano!
"I’ve been told by my husband that it would probably be better for our marriage if I stop answering the question, 'How many kids do you have?' with, 'Three, if you count my husband'".
Love it.

-- Athena Calderone and her son Jivan are so sweet and tender together. This really makes me want a little boy! I love that he's riding his skateboard in the living room! Again, I'm so fond of those sparse, open spaces that lend themselves equally to lounging in simple beauty or wild playing. I love the idea of every room in  a home belonging equally to each family member, from the most artful adult to the youngest baby--toys can be pretty, and the prettiest spaces can also be designed to welcome even the grabbiest of little hands and encourage freedom and exploration. Beauty and fun for all!

From today's inspirations:

Christiane (the prettiest of smooshes, and perfect for those wanting to honor either a woman of design or journalism, or both)

Isabelle (another classic smoosh. I'm partial to it over Isabella.)

William (I love this classic name so much. I'd love to see a little William called 'Wim'.)

Whimbrel (okay, this isn't really a part of today's list, but it has a logical likeness to William for me. I really thought about this when I was writing on bird names-- 'Will' and 'Whim' are so alike on several levels, so it seems equally approachable as William. If you love the idea and feel of William, but want something less classic, I think this is a great option!)

Cynthia (such a pretty name, and she links to some of my other favorites....)

Artemis (Cynthia was one of Artemis' names.)

Hestia (another of the virgin goddesses)

Vesta (the Roman version of Hestia and a nickname of Silvestra)

Kit (a great nickname for so many lovely names-- Catherine, Katerina, or fantastic by itself!)

Gigi (most commonly, a potential nickname of Georgia, Georgiana, Virginia or Gilberte. I wonder if it's short for anything here.)

Athena (another virgin goddess)

Minerva (the Roman version)

Pallas (Pallas is to Athena as Cynthia is to Artemis. I love both 'wise' names.)

Jivan (a fantastic 'life' name. I so love it.)

Vito (another favorite 'life' name of mine for a sweet, little surfer boy!)

Such great meanings here today in this list-- we have names linking to wisdom, purity, earth, and life, itself.

Any favorites from today's list? Have you been enjoying The Glow? Are you participating in any "light" festivals this week? I think we may go to a Saint Lucia festival on Saturday, complete with all sorts of craft activities for the girls!

P.S.   Still having font troubles, so I just switched everything to a clean, simple font while I get it all figured out. I love the idea of my title being in cursive, because um, it's a play on notes in the margins, which I'm pretty sure are never typed. Alas, the only other cursive fonts available (my previous one is malfunctioning) are just too thick and stout for my liking. Any recommendations for a pretty, petite cursive font? I like em long and lean.... and tidy.  I really enjoy basic, clean fonts on other blogs, but the current set up isn't right for the mood here, I'm afraid, so I'm eager to get back to the old style. Any favorite font shops?

(images: all courtesy of The Glow, by Kelly Stuart)


  1. Lovely names! My twins' middle names are Artemis and Athena :-)

  2. Whimbrel is cool. I really like it.

    Gigi is just Gigi. Gigi Clementine to be exact and Kit is just Kit too.

  3. Athena is such a magnificent name!

    Whimbrel also caught my eye. Distinctly interesting!

  4. I love goddess names! I'm particularly fond of Artemis (an old teacher of mine recently named her baby girl this- I love it!), Athena and Pallas. Also from this post, Kit, Gigi, Jivan and Vito are fantastic!