Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Albert & Henriette

The oxfords at Albert et Henriette! J'adore! I love to wear matching shoes with my girls. I think if the shoes are chic and adorable, then there's zero cheese in matching!  

    While I'm a sucker for brown, I also love the black, blue and yellow shoes!  I adore the blue sandals at Albert & Henriette for little girls and boys, too. 

Beautiful shoes for Mom and kid? Awesome! And what a beautifully named shop! 

The accompanying blog, Le Dans La,is home to some really pretty photos. I first learned about this blog over on Decor8 , where I learned that Albert and Henriette is run by a woman named Zooey, and the shoes are handmade!  Apparently Zooey named the shop after her grandparents, which makes the name even cooler and more special, doesn't it? You can read that article here.

A lot of you will likely recognize the picture of the smiling girl in the yellow frame (via La Dans La, above)  by Yoshitomo Nara. We had the same one sitting on our beside table while I was pregnant with Nona and while she was a baby before transitioning with her to her own room. She loved to hold it and smile back at it, so the image is very dear to me; my heart skips a bit every time I see it, still.  I was fortunate enough to see an exhibit of his in Honolulu years back and have been a fan ever since. Below is the same picture. Nara would actually be lovely on a smiling little girl like this!

From today's inspirations and musings:

Henriette (Ettie, Rettie, Henri)-- a variant of Henrietta, it means "home ruler."  

Albert (Bert, Bertie, Albie)-- I really, really love this.
Oxford-- Another place or animal name. I could actually see this appealing to some.

Yoshitomo (Yoshi and Tomo are also nice.)


Today marks the start of the second week of this blog's running, so I'd also like to say a whopping thank you to all who stopped by in our first week here!  

What do you guys think about these names? What about the shoes? 

 Are you a fan of Yoshitomo Nara's? Have you ever been to one of his exhibits; what did you think?

 Happy Wednesday!

(images courtesy of Albert et Henriette and Le Dans La


  1. Love the name Albert! I also love Henrietta...and Yoshi. To be honest, I can find myself loving almost any Japanese name I hear. They're so expressive.

  2. Thanks for commenting eBirdie! I love a lot of Japanese names, too! Glad you found some names you like in the post!