Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Etsy names

While cruising Etsy for the holidays, I've been finding some names that catch my eye as much as the designs! We might be seeing a lot of Etsy goodness here on Marginamia for the next few weeks as I busily prepare for the holidays. Without further ado, I present the very well named bunch!

First image: antique, turkish kilim coasters by shop Sukan

Second image: vintage, embroidered chevron wall art hoops by shop, Bylina Studio. This shop is run by Katarina of Barcelona.

Thrid image: gold 'color study' vintage locket, by shop Verabel + Fox. I'm pretty sure the artist is actually named Verabel. You guys know I love a good -bel smoosh that sounds fresh and a bit quirky. I think this one is so, so nice. Add it to Fox and you have a perfect shop name!  

Fourth image: wooden, mountain stacker toy by shop, Imagination kids. The shop is run by Erin, mamma to Eliot and Stella. She makes the most beautiful waldorf toys. We have one of her stackers, and let me tell you, they hold up beautifully. Ours has made it through two of our children's infancies, and it's going to see my grandchildren's, too.  Erin is also writing a book on wooden toy making! 

Fifth image: bear softies by Lithuanian shop Adatine. Adatine is made of friends Leva and Elena . I love the story and meaning behind the shop name: Adatine means 'pincushion', which they describe as,
--"a useful thing and also an inspiring partner for the Muses to come."
Sixth image: the puffin circle scarf in Youthful Sage (double meaning here = clever, and apropos given that a lot of us are going to be eating a ton of the spice over the long weekend) by Yokoo Gibraan. More names you'll find on her hand knit creations: Europa, Calisto, Plum, Barley and Vermont. Moons, edibles and states I love! 

From today's inspirations: 
Katarina (Kitty, Kit or Rina tickle my fancy!)
Adatine (pincushion)
Verabel (a divine smoosh)
Sage (I like the double meaning of the name. It seems to serve both meanings for the scarf, too.)
Plum (I obviously love this one.)
Barley (This sounds like a name to me. could be a new nature name for some!)
Vermont (Monty. We've seen various other state names, so why not, if that's your thing?)

Some combos I like from today's pack:
Katarina Calisto (Kit or Coco)
Europa Adatine (Pia)
Verabel Yokoo
Leva Sage
Barley Vermont (this name is dying to be a character in a short story)

For more Thanksgiving inspired names (beyond Sage and Plum), perhaps visit my food names post, and spice names post!  And please link to your posts on Thanksgiving or November names, as well! 

Big plans for the long weekend? 

What are you most thankful for this year, top three? 

My top three, as of right this second (I'm writing at night, just after putting the girls to bed):

--I got to snuggle Nona to sleep tonight. This is rare because I still nurse June to sleep each night in my bed, so Daddy usually reads to Nona and gives her a snuggle in her bed. I've so missed our nighttime snuggles since little sister came along, but I don't want to start Nona in the habit of falling asleep in my bed again when she's doing so great at sleeping in her own room.  Tonight I just wanted her near, though, so me and my girls headed into my big cozy bed while Daddy enjoyed a free night. I got to feel both of them snuggled into my body, one on each side, falling peacefully asleep. Four year olds don't let you stop too long to admire them during the day, so I got to admire my sleeping sweat pea for a nice long time, just like when she was baby, and really reflect on how grateful I am to have her with me.

--I'm so happy for all the blessings of my friends this year: new babies, companies, new homes, awakenings, marriages, clean bills of health after illnesses, and beautiful creative successes. And I'm thankful for the new friends and contacts I've made since starting this blog!

--I'm particularly reflective this year on how lucky I am to have had such wonderful parents. I'm also so, so grateful for the tremendous love and supportive community they knew in their friends, which was created and nurtured from all the love they gave to everyone around them. What a wonderful example I will carry with me and pass onto my children! 

Happy Thanksgiving! 

(all photos courtesy of the Etsy shops they link to)


  1. Adatine is great! I can't decide if the meaning is a plus or a negative, but I am always a sucker for "-ine," names, especially "-tine" ones. Verabel is also really sweet.

  2. Etsy is just such a great site. A lot of my friends sell their wares there.

    Verabel is very interesting! Love Sage and Plum too :).

  3. If the Europe League wasn't such a big deal here in the UK, I would love to use the name, but alas, football won't die away.

  4. What lovely, lovely things to be thankful for!

    I'm thankful for my new job, started just five days ago, so far loving it and all the possibilities and opportunities I believe it will present for me in time!

    Also, Verabel is lovely and feels ripe, with Vera on the radar of folks who love old-fashioned names.