Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Swedish Home Tours

Have you guys seen the amazing home tours on Dos Family? What a blog!  There's almost nothing I love more than a great home tour.  I'm smitten with so many of these beautiful homes.  I'm just about equally taken with the names of the people who live in them! The names on the adults would be fresh here in the states, but the kids' names...wowzer.  Beyond the home tours, the entire blog is fantastic. The blog is run by photographer, Jenny Brandt and decorator/journalist Isabelle McAllister. Jenny and Isabelle have such fantastic ideas and amazing eyes for beauty! They are also wives and mothers with very well-named kids, I must say.  Jenny and Jens have children Viola and Frank; and Isabelle and Eric are parents to Della and Beppe. They also very recently fixed up a room for siblings Kaspian and Nike; oh how I wish the shoe company didn't exist here-- millions of potential baby Nikes will never be (okay, maybe not millions, but at least a hundred or so!)



Freja and Märta

Henriette & Peter

Frida & Staffan

Vega (whose friend, Tiger, was there when they visited her home.)

Lisa & Dennis, and Mika

Elina & Johan, and Etta

Fia & David, and Hillevi

Sine, and Carl-Andreas & Alma

Anna & Martin, and Algot

Sophie & Partric, and Iris (I want this house. today.)

Sara & Jerker, and Lova

Jenny & Jens, and Viola

Johanna & Andreas, and Lillo

Ana & Andreas, and Nils

Cim & August, and Laban

Kristin & Jonas, and Simon & Otto

Louvisa & Peter, and Bim & Jojje

Carolina & Henrik, and Betti & Stella

Julia, and Maja, Sigrid & Elsa

Sarah & Chris, and Eliot, Miton, & Vilmer

Kicki & Måns, and Vera, Timo & Irma

For each of the featured names, there are tons more photos of their homes, and there are more additional home tours to make you drool over on Dos Family! I suggest setting aside the time for a nice long visit!

Readers, what are your favorites from this bunch (homes and names!)?

(images by: Jenny Brandt, Pernilla Hed, Isabelle McAllister--all courtesy of Dos Family)


  1. Great post! From this list, I love Vera and Viola.

    Speaking of homes and kiddos, yesterday, I spent *a little* too much time over on The Glow. I especially loved the new-ish features on clothing designer Cynthia Rowley (daughters Kit and Gigi); interior designer Athena Calderone (son Jivan); and artist Jemima Kirke (daughter Rafaella). TONS of inspiration over there:


  2. Love LOTS of these, but "Betti & Stella" just sounds like the most wonderful pair of sisters. Great names!

  3. Nicole! I just got my babes to bed early and now I think I know where I'm headed for some down time! I did a post on The Glow not too terribly long ago: marginamia
    but I can see it needs to be updated! Jemima's was the last one up the last time I visited. I'm just so impressed by the photography, of course the homes, and I loved what Jemima and Lauren Moffat had to say about parenting, as well.

    eBirdie, I love Betti and Stella, too! I'd love to see a set of sisters called Estella and Betti, come to think of it.

    Thanks for your comments! xoxo

  4. what an awesome blog :) i love seeing the insides of other people's homes for inspiration - sneak peaks on design sponge are my absolute favourite!