Tuesday, February 14, 2012

finnish names - part three

These three beautiful images come to us from a Finnish blog, run by Satu Palander--author, photographer and curator. 

bamarik, run by Outi, "an active seeker, interested in life, nature, people and adventures", is a must visit.

finlandia, run by Essi, is a "frame of mind and a collection of photographs".  I'm envious of all the mushroom hunts.

lumetta, run by Ritva, who loves "snow and silence, old and worn out things",  is so pretty.  Visit and get your snow fix if you're missing pretty fluffs this year in your neck of the woods. 

himalainen --  so pretty.

Varpunen ('sparrow') is run by Suki, mom to Varpu ('twig').  Don't these names sound so nice together? 

 Road Trip in Finland -- lots of design, lots of Finland. 

Yes, today I'm turning to the more modern in both entertainment and names: blogs and word names. There are a host of lovely Finnish blogs to please your senses, and some to get you thinking, as well.  When my first post in this series was included on a Finnish society and culture page on ScoopIt (curated by Ulla Saikku), I immediately began checking out all of the great sources there. I loved this article, in particular, on the successes of the Finnish education system.   

The beauty that abounds in the Finnish blogosphere is vast.  It's so vast, in fact, that there will be one more post on Finnish blogs and word names to follow this one! 

In addition to those pictured above, here are some more Finnish blogs for our first collection of links:

manteli --a mother and fantastic photographer is serving up slices of life. If snow, craft projects and wide-planked wooden floors are what you're craving, fill up your plate here.

Maaman Uuni --mother of six (no, I don't know their names!) and finder of pretty pictures and words.

minulta (formerly chocolate circus)--a portrait of a beautiful Finnish family life and stunning images.
I'm smitten with this home. 

oh! the light today --so pretty and fun to read.

Lehmuskujala --pretty images and even music.

VIA --run by artist and mother Liivia. I've long had her images amongst my flickr favorites, but only just recently have I discovered her accompanying blog, much to my happy surprise. Her traveling lifestyle with her sweet little girl will fuel your wanderlust.

In keeping with the more modern, I turn now to word names.  Here are some Finnish words that sound very much like names to my ear. Please correct me if I've gotten something wrong, and thank you in advance:

the virtuous and spiritual:
Aito (true/ genuine)

Autuus (bliss)

Halu (wish/desire)

Henki (spirit)

Ilo (joy)

Kappeli (chapel)

Koti (home)

Ohimo (temple)

Onni (fortune/luck)

Osa (fate / destiny)

Rauha (peace)

Sisko (sister)

Sivi (chase)

Toivoa (hope) (verb)

Toivo (hope) (noun)

Tosi and Totta (true)

Unelma ( dream/ day dream)

Usko (faith)

Uusi (new)

Veli (brother)

Ykseys (unity)

trade and craft:
Kutoja (weaver)

Lanka (yarn)

Merimies (sailor)

Mylläri (miller)

Neula (needle)

Ommel (stitch)

Seppo (smith)

Vasara (hammer)

the musical:
Balladi (ballad)

Harppu (harp)

Kello (bell)

Kantel (the national instrument and part of the ballads used for kalevala)

Laulu (song)

Laulelma (tune/ditty)

Sointu (chime or note)

the literary:
Eepos (an epic)

Kertova ( an epic narrative)

Runo (poem)

Satu (fairytale)

Tarina (tale, story)

Taru (story, great myth)

and from today's bloggers (all female):








I hope you will savor the links and names over the coming months. My intention is always for each post to be something to return to, rather than something to digest all at once (thus the tidy archives, so you can put it out of your mind and know it's bookmarked here for you, so there's never a need for mad link clicking and speedy viewing). Still, I hope the list doesn't overwhelm, just the same. 

Any favorite Finnish blogs of your own?

Up next in the series: more blogs, word names, nature names, and naming practices. 

Happy week!


  1. Great list -- will have fun checking out all the links, for sure.

    My favorites from this group are Ilo and Totta. I think Totta would make a great new nickname for my daughter, Ottilie.

    1. Oh man, Totta from Ottilie is perfect! That one little girl should have two such lovely names makes me smile pretty big.

  2. thanks for the links, all of those are so good! i love all those finnish names too- god, so cute!

  3. Your blog is lovely! I'm adding you to my reader! And yes, this is definitely a post to be returned to. I think that's a great goal for your posts. I've had my blog for awhile but I need to invest more time in it so I can have beautiful posts like this. The pictures are beautiful!

    gilead in bloom

    1. Thanks, Victoria! I work on posts very, very slowly, when time permits (it permits a whole lot less, lately), so fewer, but lengthier posts often result!

    2. also, Victoria, I tried to comment on your blog but couldn't, so I tried to message you but had trouble there, too! Thanks for including me on your lovely list, and I really enjoyed the Proust letter you posted -- it found me at just the right time -- and your new year's post. I'm also going to make the blanket coat. thank you!

  4. Thank you for your lovely words about me here in your blogg.(I can tell your my childrens names:) five are girls:Susanna-Riikka,Jenniina ,Iida ,Oona and Unna -one is a boy,he is Benjamin .I have not tell this in my blogg so this is a secret:))

  5. Maria, what a pleasant surprise this morning to find you here. Thank you for so generously sharing the beautiful names of your children! Oh, how I've wondered. I love each of these names so much, and I'm just in awe of your mothering chops -- six beautiful blessings. how full your heart must be!
    hugs to you!

  6. Lots to look through here - I can't wait to find a moment to do so!

    As for the names; Sisko, Satu, and Taru have long been favorites of mine. I'm also really drawn to these from your list: Halu, Onni, Osa, Totta, Neula, Kello, Suki, and Ulla. I also like Laulu and Essi - they remind me of some of the nicknames of my own daughters, in fact: Lalou (my older) and Essie (my younger).

    I'm halfway through that article about education in Finland - interesting!

    1. EBirdie, how'd I miss this? I love your girls' nicknames! So your Finnish roots found them yet, it seems!

  7. This finnish entries are so good, thanks for sharing....


  8. I have to say, I'm getting an increasing desire to spend some time in Finland. I love Finnish and Finnish names; they've got such a wonderful, special quality to them. It's why I put quite a lot of Finnish names in the book, but I wish I could have put in even more!

  9. So fun! I look forward to digging into these soon. I've traveling to Finland for work a bit. And still feel like I don't it very well. And I tried learning Finnish and only got to Page 2. It's hard! But really neat names.

  10. What a delight to discover your blog. I love Finland, and those blogs you mentioned in this post are pure inspiration. I am often amazed how many creative talents in this small country (in population). Will stop by again!

    1. And a delight to have you stop by! I'm quite a fan of your line, actually, and (of course) it's name! Finland is certainly blessed with lots of preserved natural beauty and endlessly creative/resourceful talents amongst it's population, a connection I don't think is any coincidence. Thanks for commenting!

  11. Gorgeous names. Ilo is my favorite... as a Filipina living in Amsterdam, it would be pronunciation-proof in both my home country and here!

    I don't have any Finnish blogs to share, but my favorite vocal group is Finnish and they make the language sound beautiful. Here's a link to Kevät, my fave album from the group Rajaton (Boundless). Happy listening! http://open.spotify.com/album/7KjdX5JEMRgtRFaXDojk8M

  12. Hi sisko, i read your blog. its interesting to learn about Finnish names and words. I am a blogger also, http://sufinss.blogspot.com/ view my blog. learn about my country...

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