Tuesday, May 1, 2012

consultation: bessie's girl-boy twins

(images: 1 - by Sayaka Minemura, 2 -by little flower school, 3 by Jutta of Kootut Murut, 4 by Bessie of Sisserman Sable,)

Since this is my last consultation for a long while, and I'm really going to miss doing them, I went a little overboard with suggestions. But maybe this family (and others) will benefit my need to over indulge a bit. 

Bessie, of Sisserman Sableneeds you to rally round to help her with the name-lover's ultimate dream: girl - boy twins!  

 Sister-brother twins are being welcomed by siblings:

William Sorrel Vermont  

Stella Primrose Plum

Phoebe Ottoline Nell

Lowe Ivy Moonstone

Bessie writes:

-- " My philosophy for names is to use something simple and straightforward for the First Name, and then party-in-the-back for the Middle. We need help creating combinations of names that work not only together but with our other childrens'. Here are some names we like:

and for baby boy we think we've found *the* name:

For Middles, I spotted Honey-Myrtle on your site and we both really like it. And also Pear as a middle name is awesome. 

Finnally, there are a few ideas we'd like to represent:
My Finnish Heritage. For these two babies I'd like at least one to have something to do with Finland or Summer {I used to spend summers with my grandparents in finland}.(Ed. Bessie wrote a beautiful post on her childhood summers in Finland, and this will guide some of my suggestions)
- Lots of Flowers/Plants! As you can see from my children's names we have tried to include nature into their names. My mother was a florist and she is one of my favorite people, so I like to think we are honoring her by giving our children flower related names.
 - Anything to do with Family and Sibling bonds!
- Lastly, our family is about to embark on a new 'journey' we are moving and creating a whole new life for our selves so any names representing spring and a new beginning are welcomed suggestions."  


Bessie, I love the names of your children! And this is one of the funnest naming challenges I've ever been part of. Congratulations, and thank you for bringing your quest our way! 

Since Bessie and I have spent some time discussing our tastes, and we have such similarities in our naming styles, I'm going with many of my personal favorites here today (extra fun!)

Baby girl:

From your list, I most love AgnesEdith and Olive. You can't go wrong with any of them. 

Additionally, I think the following would be nice considerations for their consonant endings, syllable-balance, or harmony of meaning with the siblings' names:

Jane -- I would so love to see her hyphenated with something Finnish. You mentioned that you guys really like Sisko. I'm particularly fond of 
Jane-Sisko Rosalie

Miriam 'Mim' -- I am just going to keep suggesting her until someone grabs her up, but truly, this is a stunner with your bunch.


Artemis -- this is another that I'll just keep on suggesting, but it's particularly cozy in your family with it's roots, meanings and three syllables. Artemis and Rupert? yep.  


Claudine -- Remember, there's debate on the meaning; not everyone thinks it means 'lame'. This is another that I suggest frequently, and she fits in so well here. 


Cypress -- you could always save her for a middle slot, but I think she works well upfront, too, and offers something of a bridge between Lo and the rest. 

Fernandine 'Fern' ("adventuresome journey")(pronunciation

Gladys -- really love her for you. 

Helen -- If Helena's ending is too similar to sister Stella's, I think Helen is a great choice. Helen Honey-Myrtle (or Honey-Rose)is alliterative, which I know you fancy, and her seriousness balances the playfulness of the middle name you both like so much.

Hesper -- Do you like that she matches sister Stella's "star" or is this off-putting? 


Malgosia -- if not upfront, then a nice middle for her many syllables. Malgosia Omena Jane has a nice flow. 



Opal  -- especially if born in June! and she ties to Lo's Moonstone.



FINNISH NAMES for one of her middle names -- I love the idea of hyphenating Finnish nature names for the middle. And many of these are good on either gender, as well: 
Ilta (evening)



Kulta (gold)

Apila (clover)

Helmi (pearl)

Totta (true)

Laulu (song)

Runo (poem)

Satu (fairytale)

Satka (goddess of the sea)

Tuli (fire)

Valoisa (bright)

Pilvi (cloud)

Omena (apple)-- 

Lintu (bird, birdie)

Sulka - feather

Sisko (sister)

NATURE NAMES for a middle spot(these are my favorites for your family. I included non-plants/flowers for the ties they bring to other siblings):








Meadowlark -- Oh man, do I love Miriam Meadowlark.


Rosalie -- would be so great in there, with her three syllables, R connection to Rupert, flower connection, etc.



Sun -- my favorite combo right now is Sun-Margaret -- please someone use this in the middle. For you guys, I love Tabitha Sun Margaret 'Totta'(Finnish for "truth".) 

Sundew -- this pretty little flower sounds more adventuresome than most.

Sisko (sister)

Adelpha (sister)

Pleiade (group of stars named after the "seven sisters" from Greek mythology) 

Merope (one of the aforementioned seven sisters)

Alcyone (one of the aforementioned seven sisters)

Ruth (companion/friend)

Thomasina (twin) **I would so consider this for a first name.  She can go by 'Totta' or 'Tess'!

Beatrice (life voyager/blessed)

Dagny (new day)

Fernanda or Ferdinande (adventuresome journey)

Neoma (new moon)

Nova (new)

Baby boy:

UPFRONT NAMES (just in case Rupert doesn't work when you meet him, which you noted as a possibility):










FINNISH NAMES for a middle spot: 
Veli (brother)

Talvi (winter) -- could be neat to have sister be summery and brother be winter?

Toivo (hope)

Kivi (stone)

Kielo (lily of the valley)

Jalo (noble)

Turi (god of the honey land)

Hirsi (timber)

Myrsky (storm)

Vuori (mountain)

Järvi (lake) -- I really think this would be special for you.

Metsä (forrest)

Setri (cedar)

NATURE NAMES for a middle spot:


Cedar -- ties to brother's a bit. Rupert Cedar Swan is lovely if you love that much nature, which I know you do! I also like Rupert Cedar Augustine.

Crocus --  Rupert Frederick Crocus or Rupert Crocus Constantine are nice. 

Evergreen -- Rupert 

Fig -- Rupert Junius Fig




Pear -- you're right, this is a beautiful middle name. I have a Swedish male neighbor wearing it, too. 

Aves -- bird natured


Swan -- ties to sister Phoebe's bird appellation, and is also the national bird of Finland. I love Rupert Swan.




Adelphe (brother)

Veli (brother)

Pollux (twin)

Bonamy (good friend)

Gladwin (light hearted friend)


Ferdinand (adventuresome traveler)

Neville  (new village)


Rothwell (red spring)-- not the season, itself, but sure brings it to mind. 

 Here are my favorite combos for you (because I just can't resist doing this), though Bessie-made mashups of these and other names will likely be better tailored to your unique tastes, of course. (boy's name first b/c we know it already):

Rupert Kielo Ferdinand   and    Miriam Suvi Gardenia 'Mim'

Rupert Rothwell Swan     and    Edith Rosalie Lintu 

Rupert Barnaby Crocus    and    Artemis Ilta Maude 

Rupert Frederick Myrsky  and    Cypress Omena Ruth   

Rupert Cedar Vuori       and    Hesper Valoisa Sundew  

Rupert Setri Swan        and    Helen Omena Bloom  

Rupert Veli Pear         and    Jane-Sisko Rosalie  

Rupert Jarvi Fieldfare   and    Suvi Gardenia Maude 

Rupert Hickory Claude    and    Gladys Tahti Fernadine 

Rupert Junius Toivo      and    Sigrid Sun Margaret

Rupert Kivi Ferdinand    and    Opal Omena Lou

Rupert Gladwin Evergreen and    Eleanor Mëtsa Mum

Rupert Bonamy Swan       and    Omena Mildred Sundew

Rupert Veli Balthasar    and    Agnes Anemone Sisko  

Rupert Adelphe Fig       and    Thomasina Honey-Rose 'Totta' or                   

                                'Tess' (though if she goes by  

                                'Tess', you'll want to get a 

                                Finnish middle name in there - 

                                Thomasina Kielo Swan or Thomasina         
                                Tuli Rosamond?)

Additionally, Bessie, stay tuned for my next post -- it will be the last in my Finnish names series and will be comprised of more Finnish nature names. It will also suggest a way of organizing the three names you select so that they're in keeping with Finnish naming practices!   

Readers, I'm sure you can see beautiful, clever pairings that I didn't, or come up with even more names. What names or name combinations from Bessie's required categories do you like for this family? Which would you pick for yourselves?  Thank you! 


  1. So many great names. I could name about 20 kids off this list. :)

    Bessie, your kids' names are gorgeous. I can't wait to see what you end up choosing. Good luck.

  2. Rupert is awesome; I love it. I really, really like the suggestions above of Rupert Cedar Augustine and Rupert Whimbrel -.

    My first thought to add was Rupert Ambrose. It's got "rose" in there (although it really doesn't have anything to do with the flower.) But then, Peregrine! Means "traveler" (since you are moving) and is also the name of a hawk (for the nature connection).
    Rupert Veli Ambrose?
    Rupert Peregrine Fig?

    Your whole girl's list is lovely. I particularly like Olive, Edith, Luna, and Lyra. Love Sisko, Totta, Forsythia. Actually, Forsythia Sisko is my favorite combination for the middle, I think.
    Luna Forsythia Sisko?
    Totta Forsythia Sisko?
    June would go so well with Rupert and with a lot of the middle names...June Forsythia Sisko?

    Good luck! Your children have such beautiful names; can't wait to hear what the twins will be called as well.

  3. This whole post is just...lush. I feel like I'm in a verdant garden of names.

  4. Magnolia!
    love this post.

  5. Also wanted to add Tamsin as an option. It's just a contraction of Thomasina, but I think it's so much cuter!

  6. Thank you for all these wonderful suggestions and compliments on our kids' names :)

  7. What a fantastic post! These are all great. So much inspiration! Three names is a challenge. Here are my picks:

    Helena Ferne Nouvelle and Lars Rupert Rothwell

    Good luck! & congrats on the twins, Bessie! xo.

  8. ooh, what a fun posting! I love the 3-name combinations you've created. My favorites combos are Rupert Veli Bathasar and Suvi Gardenia Maude -- call me crazy but I love the idea of Suvi Gardenia Maude and Rupert Hickory Claude. Is there such a thing as "subtle rhyming" twin names?

  9. O all these names are so gorgeous!

    What about Rupert Kai Cinnabar * Annabelle Lark Reverie


    Rupert Tinder Jove * Viva Clover Skye
    Rupert Somerset Lake * Romilly Marigold Sun
    Rupert Hawk Indigo * Edie Wren Juniper
    Rupert Valo/Vox Calder * Maude Linnet Solene
    Rupert Bay Taliesin * Ruby Sage Avalon

  10. For a girl, Edith Rosalie Lintu, Suvi Gardenia Maude or Thomasina Honey-Rose would be absolutely delightful :)

    Some name musings of my own:

    Luna Honey Sunflower (or Luna Saskia Sunflower)

    Magnolia Klara Swan

    Suvi Aurelia Olive

    Eleanor Lottie Tulip (or Eleanor Totta Tulip)

    Hera Annika Cherry

    Julia Winter Pear

    Helena Bluebell June

    Edith Serenity Petal

    Wren Susana Florence

    Freija Hazel Rosebud (or Freija Arizona Rosebud)

    Tilda Myrtle Sweet

    Clemency Agnes Wattle

    Elle Emilia Orchid (or Elle Concordia Orchid)

    Dahlia, Lavender, Saffron, Birdie, Briar, Amaryllis, Leaf, Acacia, Waterlily, Clover

    As for boys (though Rupert sure is a handsome name) I'm sorrrt of at a loss

    Rupert Casimir Wolf

    Rupert Cy Spruce

    Rupert Mänty Isador

  11. Oh, Bessie - and you thought your choice had gotten harder *just* with my suggestions. These reader suggestions are amazing! Helena Bluebell June, Eleanor Lottie Tulip, Romilly Marigold Sun, Rupert Peregrine Fig, and Rupert Cy Spruce (Spruce is an absolute favorite of mine!) go pretty seamlessly with your bunch, and the combo of Forsythia Sisko as your two middles is perfection.

    I could go on, but I'd just be repeating each comment. Thank you all so much for helping Bessie and family! This was just so much fun collaborating with all of you!

  12. Wow is all I can say, all of these suggestions are so lovely! Thank you all so much :)

  13. I want to suggest Valo. It's Finnish for light.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!

  14. Love this post so much. I wondered if Bessie has considered the name Somerled? It isn't exactly Finnish--but Norse, I believe. It literally means "led by summer." Specifically a Viking name, found in some of the Norse sagas. The viking was "led by summer" because he could not leave harbor until the ice thawed and summer came.

  15. Mary of Egypt - Wow Somerled is an AMAZING name! Thank you so much for suggesting.