Wednesday, May 16, 2012


1. Jodi of Ché and Fidel wearing little Poet (sister to Che) for the Sakura Bloom sling diaries

2. Nozomi is beautifully documenting the life of her sweet little one (no, I don't the name) on her blog, Auto Focus Diary

3. I've featured Nirrimi and Alba Joy here before. I love the new name and direction her blog has taken with the transformation of motherhood beautifully filtering her lens. I'm particularly fond of what she has to say about the stretch marks left by breastfeeding. 

 I love each of these images of motherhood. They portray some of my fondest moments mothering young children: wearing them, watching them sleep in my big, cozy bed and breastfeeding them. These early times come with struggles, to be sure, making it all the more important to stop and reflect on the fleeting joys, those we maybe take for granted amidst all the sleepiness and 'big stuff'. This was sure on my mind this Mother's day, as I nursed my almost two year old. "How much longer?" I wondered, with a little extra awareness of how quickly it passes -- an awareness that is (thankfully) much easier to come by (albeit more difficult to bear) with each child that follows the first -- and then I relished for an extra long time.  

Mother's day this year was a great one, all in all. Chris made cardamom pancakes, we told stories about our girls' births and babyhoods, shared stories of my beautiful mother and how much she loved us all, and indulged in memories from our own childhoods. I got some alone time for blog reading and sewing. And we wrapped up with a country drive, dinner at a Korean barbecue, and a trip to a sweet store with lots of zakka goods. I think I got as many little animal notebooks as the girls did. 

While we're all hopefully still a little relaxed or enthused from the niceness of the day, here are some mothering/nurturing names:

Rita is my mother's name. still. Even after she's gone, her name remains hers. I really love that about names.  

I'm loving flower name Chrysanthemum more and more with nickname Mum.  If you don't actually call your mother 'Mum' (most of us in the states use 'Mom'), then it's adorable I think. Still, Mum has me thinking of all of you who use the word for your mothers so it fits with today's theme. 

Cherish certainly seems fitting to the parent-child relationship, doesn't it? If word names fit your style, why not?  I like it with something more serious upfront, like Dorothea or Benjamin

Gerda -- "shelter".  

Mildred -- "gentle strength". 

Isam -- "protection." 

Hiroshi -- 'gentle'. 

Foster -- this one is pretty obvious, I think. 

 How was your Mother's day? What did you do? Any names it brings to mind for you? What are your moms' names? 


  1. Mine was full of joy!My name is mamma :)(but in finnish äiti in correct way)

  2. I spent my day missing my mum, who lives a handful of time zones away. Her name is Cynthia, a name that's grown on me over the years. We like to give her forsythia flowers, since they rhyme.(:

  3. Beautiful pictures, don't they whisper 'motherhood' ever so sweetly? Beautiful Jodi and her gorgeous Poet - love!

    And I too am so enjoying Nirrimi's poetic descriptions as life as a new Mum.

    I had a lovely mothers day - relaxed in the comfort of my own backyard. It was bliss.


  4. ooh look, there is my beautiful neighbour and her darling Poet! She really is every bit as lovely as she appears.

    Our mothers day was lovely, all the mothers in our extended family celebrated.

    xo em

  5. Well, we celebrated Mother's Day back in March here in the UK, but it was lovely nevertheless. Yes, I refer to my mother as either mum or mother depending; her name is Karen.

    As for your post, that first picture of baby Poet is adorable!

  6. thanks for sharing, ladies! I love hearing about all the celebrations. And now it's our turn to celebrate the men folk, huh?

  7. Beautiful pictures to choose. Jodi is just the most lovely of mama's. What a perfect picture of being at one with your child. xx