Wednesday, May 23, 2012

dfm names again

(images:  one.  two.  three and bird bag for purchase here.) 

There's an awesome list of names alongside the blogs I've featured in my last two Bookmarkable posts at Design for Mankind. 

Masami, of blog, Cocon, is a Japanese name meaning "correct, elegant beauty", which sure fits Masami's life, I think. 

Christine, of blog 8 Rue Cafarelli, is ever classic to my ear, and let's not forget the name Rue, of course.

Jantien and Hester, of blog/shop Tas-ka. Does it get any better than this pairing?

Ashley's home tours/interviews at Comme Ci, Comme Ca are packed with awesome names, most notably in response to questions like "Favorite designers/architects?", which again leads me to ponder the connection between interesting names and the design world. For example: Phoebe, Philo, Isabel, Rei, Oji, Dieter, Enzo, Achille, and Ettore.

V, of A Butterfly in My Hair is surely wearing a lovely name. I mean, it's starts with V, which I have to say, I love as a simple nickname for all v-names. 

Hermine, of Journal de Jours has a name every bit as lovely as her beautiful textiles.  I can not wait to do something like her words for strangers project with my girls, who asked to watch her "walking" video about six times in a row, proving that simple beauty is completely captivating. What's more? On her Flickr page (publicized on her own blog) she goes by Hermine Virginie!  And since that name couldn't possibly be topped by any name anywhere, it's a perfect end note for today.   

Any favorites from this list today, readers? Any blogger names you particularly enjoy? 

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I'm a V myself, and have always loved it. I adore Virginie, how elegant! I'm adding it tout de suite to my collection of V names for my someday-daughter. (:

  2. hermine is the best! do you know about her letters project? i've corresponded back and forth with her - really love her packages.

    1. should have guessed -- you two are peas in a pod, I bet! checking out letters project now, too!

  3. I like Jantien and Hester -- great pairing, yes. Hermine doesn't appeal to me, though I generally like "-ine" names. I think it's the "herm" that puts me off.

  4. Thanks so much for your sweet post Kristen!! xx Christine