Monday, June 4, 2012

bessie's twins are here!

Bessie, from our last consultation, wrote to tell me that her twins arrived a bit early (I bet they're getting lots of snuggles atop all these pretty summer sheets). 

Margo Helmi Swan and Rupert Järvi Spruce greet their well-named siblings with equally stunning monikers.  I love that Margo's Helmi, Finnish for pearl (also a birthstone for June!), links in theme to sister Lowe's Moonstone, and her Swan links to sister Phoebe's birdie appellation, as well as being the national bird of Finland.  Rupert comes honoring the lakes of Bessie's Finnish summers -- Järvi is Finnish for lake -- and shares tree roots with brother William's Sorrel.  Spruce is probably my favorite tree name, so I'm particularly admiring of this selection! The twins names share many nice links between themselves, as well: Finnish middle names, one syllable S names for the second middle, and all that yummy nature.  Beyond that, Margo and Rupert are just pretty perfect together, right? 

 You can pop on over to Bessie's to see the twins (so adorable).  Congratulations Bessie and family! Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your sweet story.

(image via Sisserman Sable)