Thursday, June 14, 2012

a fine roundup

1. Esther

2. Kerry is mom to Maisie and Bertie

3. Jaime is mom to Charlotte 'Charlie' and Max.

4. Jude

These are the names tied to the blogs I featured today over at Design for Mankind. Please pop over and visit the lovely people connected to these stylish monikers. You'll find even more interesting names in the arts they practice. 

In other news (or lack of it), it's crazy busy at our house, so it's been pretty quiet around here, I know. We have guests for most of June, a very special 2nd birthday for our June next week, and we're trying (amidst all this) to land a house in the country. Our first attempt was beat by a better offer, but we're eager to keep trying!  I'll be back more regularly as things slow down a bit more.   

On that note, I'm starting some new projects this year, which I'll share more about further down the road. It's exciting stuff for me and mine, but requires more time away, I'm afraid.  So I'm thinking I might pop in more often with posts that may stray off topic a bit. Perhaps I'll give snip its of our lives around here or simply share other things I love with you (of course, each time I sit to write a post like this, I end up finding a name to connect to it that I just can't resist sharing!) 

What would you lovely readers like to see more of? Would you be disappointed to see me run occasional posts with no names connected? Would you be happy to see more of our own goings on around here? Are there any name topics you'd like to see covered?  

I've also just updated my consultation page.  For those of you who are new, I am taking a break from consultations, but I wish you a happy and inspired naming journey and hope my archives will be of some use to you!  And if you've emailed me and not heard back, I'm sorry. crazy. busy. 
ahh, summer vacation. 

(images: credited by me at dfm)


  1. Not disappointed, more like excited to see some snip its of your goings on. Happy Early Birthday Valo June, and good luck with your house hunt!

  2. Love it either way. Good luck finding a house!