Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ishi + Lou

Kathryn Bently, the designer behind the beautiful jewelry line, dream collective also runs an inspiring  blog. I found two names I really love while visiting:

Lou Zeldis, textile and jewelry designer who truly walked his own path, recently passed away. I was touched by Kathryn's beautiful words to Lou, and found such a happy harmony in his name.  While Lou Zeldis was a man, the name Lou Zelda would be stunning on a woman.

Ishi Glinsky -- artist, jewelry designer and pretty name wearer. This one works for either sex and has meanings and pronunciations in Hebrew, Japanese (rock), Swahili (remain, stay, live), Hindi (one of the names of Goddess Durga), and was the name of the last member of the Yashi, for whom the word meant 'man' (more here). 

 In fact, I like Ishi and Lou together quite a lot.

some names on Kathryn's beautiful jewelry that I love:



Holon (such a fantastic meaning)






Any pairings you'd like from this bunch? A favorite of Kathryn's, Ishi's or Lou's designs? What are your favorite online discoveries of the week so far?  Thanks for all the inspiration, Kathryn!

images: 1. kathryn's crystal mountain ring.   2. Ishi's sculpture.    3. Lou's textiles.


  1. Lou Zelda. Awesome. My eldest goes by Millie Lou often - pet names from both her first and middle - but Lou on its own has such a nice quality to it. Simple and sweet, but also kind of serious.

    1. I know exactly what you mean about Lou -- it's precisely what makes it so great! And Millie Lou is so sweet and beautiful!

  2. Love that first ring. A girl in Stella's class is called Astrid, love it with Quill!