Wednesday, November 21, 2012

June Schwarcz

I've always been fond of those advanced in age. The senior's yoga class I taught years ago was my first and easily my favorite.  But there's been something about watching how lightening fast my children are growing, and something about loosing my parents in their early fifties, that has sharpened my eagerness to find older role models, made me curious about where most of us are going, and how to go there beautifully. But all of this is a drawn out way of saying that I'm facing my own aging process, I suppose. 

At thirty-five, I'm a long way from canes and replacement teeth (and I often even look to women just ten years out from my own age to give me more to look forward to as I progress), but there's just nothing quite like the grace of one who has aged for a very long time with wonder and curiosity, with openness and the desire to create, the desire to grow and learn until they simply can't.  So I collect their stories, admire them, and turn to them for a lot of comfort.  There is much to be learned from our elderly, much to be cherished and protected.  And let's face it, they have the awesomest names in our human bunch. 

I love June Schwarcz. Her work is stunning, and her attitude and spirt are so inspiring (did you see her home tour several years ago on Apartment Therapy? probably my favorite ever), making me proud to have a June of our own at home and to add Mrs. Schwarcz to my official list of role models. 

Beyond June's name being an absolute favorite for a lot of us, her craft brings naming inspiration as well. She does pretty things to metal, doesn't she? Reminds me of the great metal inspired monikers:






What are your favorite metal inspired names?  What are your favorites from the generations of your grandmothers?

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