Thursday, November 15, 2012


Each time we read The Cat at Night,  by Dahlov Ipcar, we pause to stare at the blue, black and white illustrations in the front and back of the book. Might even be my favorite part. I've also stared a while at the author's name, marveling at how beautiful it looks in print. And it sounds even lovelier. I'd say it's pretty much a perfect sounding name, an easy and instant favorite of mine since first seeing it.  It's sound is bold and strong, a bit regal, but simple, soft and almost flowery.

This interview with Dahlov is nice, too. 

What sounds great paired with this lovely name?  What are your favorite of her books or paintings?   


  1. Dahlov's book 'My Wonderful Christmas Tree' is our favourite (Lowe loves the chipmunks!) :)

  2. Thanks for turning me on to this author/painter. I loved the interview.

    Dahlov is pretty. Kind of reminds me of my name in sound.

    Dahlov Elisabetta
    Dahlov Amy
    Dahlov Betris
    Dahlov Candice