Monday, November 12, 2012


Ahh, Vogue Paris editor, Emmanuelle Alt  -  so stylish with her bare face and tomboy-meets-heels sexy elegance. She definitely embraces the bold and daring, but in a totally simple and paired down manner (but of course).  Balance, balance, balance.  The names in her family of four: 

Emmanuelle + Franck



Do you know their full names? I'm so curious!   Do you think her name well suits her?  Do you think her aesthetic  influenced the names of her children - a consistency there?  This kind of challenging to judge from an American frame of reference, but fun, none the less.

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  1. I do think her name fits her - she looks like an Emmanuelle. I like her husband's name and Antonin are nice. I can never decide how much I like Francoise (fran swahz, right?), perhaps because I like Frances a lot and this is close, but different, which might annoy me in this case. I'm sure it wouldn't if I were French, of course.