Friday, November 9, 2012


  I haven't visited any blogs for some time.    I'm slowing down a lot in general, cutting all that isn't absolutely essential, so catching up with my favorite blogs was a real treat tonight.    Finding this image at Ashley's, attached to such a sweet name and nickname, made my heart sing.   And finding a collection of unread posts is definitely a giant perk of cutting back on computer time. 

Along with my general media diet, I've mentally prepared for a long break from Marginamia so many times in the past month.    I have a little something going on with me that needs sorting, requiring much of my time and demanding greater mental space and clarity.   I will write about it someday, but not now.  

Of course, the second I lift the pressure of feeling I need to post,  I can't seem to stay away.   Little bits just keep coming, and then I remember why I came here in the first place.   So while most of my contributions may be brief or spotty for a while,  I won't write that explanation post just yet, telling you why I need to put down the pen.  Maybe this space is more essential for me than I thought.

And with that realization, I feel the need to say thank you - for being here, for reading, for sharing, for letting me write about you and yours.   for letting me write about me and mine.    My heart is full with gratitude.    Love to you all.



  1. A break from technology/media/etc. is usually a good idea. I can't think of when it hasn't been. You just have to let life guide you where you need to go, and media often is just interference (though sometimes it seems the perfect billboard will pop up when I'm sorting things in my mind, or the perfect song on the radio).

    As for Ashley, I used to really hate this name. I wouldn't say I love it, but I've come to appreciate it. The little girl in the photo is adorable. Let me correct the Ashley thing, I like it for a boy (even if it's not at all usable that way nowadays, but 100 years ago...I can only dream though, because then I could use Francis and Marion, etc).

    1. agreed. And Ashley is the name of the blogger... not the little girl in the photo. Her name is on Ashley's blog, though, and hint - it's yummy. And while Ashley is quite popular as a name for our generation, you can't beat it's sound. Actually most anything with the sound Ash is appealing to me.

    2. "agreed" about your thoughts on media. ; )

  2. We'll eagerly eat up any drips and drabs you want to produce, but take care of yourself and your family first.

  3. It has been so lovely to visit here

  4. What a fabulous name! I love it and I've never heard it before.