Monday, September 9, 2013

Lili + Elijah

Lili Cuzor and Elijah Pointer's interview and home tour by Claire Cottrell are on FvF today.  These are such lovely names on their own, but even better as a pair! 

- "We try to maintain a light load. Respect is a really big factor in the equation: we respect our home, our garden and our neighbors .... Simplicity is beautiful. A branch is beautiful. I wish to surround myself with as much beauty as I possibly can. That’s the filter I chose to view my life through. Elijah and I don’t have much in the sense of material items but I think our home feels grand."

 such a satisfying and refreshing philosophy for creating a home - theirs is absolutely one of my favorites featured. 
images: by Claire Cottrell 


  1. what a really beautiful post to share with everyone. thank you so much. we too felt honored and touched with what others had to say about us. you are included in that. thank you again, lili

    1. just seeing this - you're quite welcome, Lili! Thanks for all you share!