Friday, September 13, 2013


I like how Jill Wenger sought and chose a name for her store and brand.  I like the outcome and meaning just as much  - pretty simple, indeed.

From an interview with 01 Magazine, by Jennifer Latour and Jennilee Marigomen:

-- You changed your name to Totokaelo. What does it mean? 
I wanted a new word, a blank slate.  Something fresh that didn’t have perceptions or meaning already associated with it.  And I wanted to like how it sounds.  Again, pretty simple.  The roots are Latin.  Toto means Total and Caelo means Sky.  Total Sky.  It’s a Latin expression roughly translated as ‘The shell of the sky and all of the heavens’. Western translation ‘The sky is the limit.’  

image - courtesy Totokaelo

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