Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Rosemary Gladstar

This name! on an herbalist, no less.  
My family and I discovered a farm recently while taking a drive.  When we learned about the plant medicine class taking place there the following day, my oldest daughter begged to attend.  I was a little nervous about taking a six year old, but with a light in her eye and a pounding in my own heart that I just had to honor, we happily returned for the class.  We loved it.  And so …  here I am being drawn back, full circle, to a path I took up and then veered from years ago.  Funny how our kids can bring us round again - that I should have a six year old  interested in "plant potions" and through teaching her I rekindle something essential, something richer even for the detour.  And the detours …. I gain a better understanding of them, too. beautiful loops.  

 I'm starting Rosemary Gladstar's Medicinal Herbs book now. 

I love this video tutorial of Rosemary making cough syrup.  

Getting this game, and this book for my little herb lover. 

My favorite herbal names:  Clove, Nettle, Noni, Rosemary, Yarrow.  

image - from an interview with Rosemary
image - mine, from National Colonial Farm


  1. this is so beautiful for so many reasons
    you have such a poetic way of writing and living
    i love that you trusted and took your daughter to the class!!!
    i can't wait to see it's impact unfold in you both
    and i love those names, i just added Clove to my list ;)


    1. Thank you.
      and Ahh! Clove was on my list with J …. unfortunately it didn't make C's list. best sound in the world - natural but a bit regal. and… what an amazing mother you will be … lucky little soul(s), the ones who find you here as mom.