Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Lauren Spencer King

I love Lauren.  Knowing her is absolutely one of the most beautiful treasures I've gained through online connectedness.  Her home/studio interview, by Claire Cottrell, is on fvf today.  just wow.  Her spaces and work are as multifaceted as she is - a reflection of someone dedicated to beauty, meaning, seeking and serving.  

-- "During a period of time when I was reading a lot of alchemical texts I fell in love with this concept: As above, so below. I started looking at the cosmos as a mirror, what was it reflecting back? It is a place that holds so many unknown mysteries and it plays a huge role in divination through astrology."  

 This interview is amazing. more beautiful outtakes at Lauren's.

images by Claire Cottrell for Freunde von Freunden


  1. ```!
    i am speechless
    this is so touching and means so much to me
    i too am SO grateful for our connection
    you are one of the rare people that i have come in contact with that instantly understands me and sees me so clearly. it astounds me. thank you for being a mirror for me
    you are a gem!
    and thank you for posting about the interview! :)

    this made my day.

    lots of love, L

    1. you're welcome …. and thank *you*! Happy Thanksgiving, Lauren!

  2. Speechless... I have no words for how this beautiful interview with Lauren resonated so deeply, and is so meaningful to me. Thanks for the beautiful gift...

    1. She's a jewel! So happy you got to experience it!