Monday, September 26, 2011

The names from The Glow

Have you been over to The Glow?  It's a really beautiful experience. You get to peek in on the inner worlds of creating moms and their kiddos. I've found some pretty inspiring stuff there, fantastic images, and some pretty darn awesome names, too.

The Editor? Violet Gaynor. So we're already off to a good start with names.

Then there's the name of the Journal, itelf. I love it.  I also love how the photographs of these women and children are glowing with actual light, another subject of the portraits, a visual representation of the love between mother and child (I know. Forgive me.)

And can we just talk about the photography for a second? It's so compelling.  Photographer and co-founder of The GlowKelly Stuart, visits the homes of the women profiled, taking the loveliest portraits and candids of them, their children, and their inspiring homes. 

I love the layout of photos and interviews, which encourages us to slow down and take our time enjoying the content. 

With each new image of mother and child, we read a bit more of the interviews. And these interviews! I selectively chose my first few to savor and can't wait to read the rest!

I'm always so impressed by projects like these and how they're woven together. They're so innovative for so many reasons, but Violet and Kelly do the brainstorming, the curating, the writing, the interviews, the photography, the connecting -- everything that goes into this journal.  It's inspiring to see a project that focuses on both the creativity and motherhood of women, aspects of us which are truly celebratory and magical.

What's more, I really can't get over the names of the profiled women and their children.

The very first image and name pair I encountered when I hit the site features a mother and painter, Jemima, and her daughter Rafaella Israel (below.)

 I'm a sucker for warm, light-in-the-hair shots, and there's this wonderfully tender moment that the photo captures: those sweet, little toes curled around the credenza for a nice gazing session.  There are dozens more awe-inspiring photographs of this beautiful pair throughout the interview with Jemima, which focuses on her work and motherhood, amongst other interesting bits!  If you're a mom who creates, this interview with Jemima Kirk is absolutely a must read.
--"Being a mother takes all of the bullshit out of being an artist. Artists can sometimes be flighty or flakey, or have these loopy ideas. I’m doing everything that’s not that, and really stripping it down to what it is— I’m a painter, and I’m really thinking about what I do and working to make that happen. It’s awesome."

I also particularly enjoyed the interview with clothing designer Lauren Moffat (who's creations I also happen to adore):

--"It's hard to be little so give them the time they need to sort it all out—I'm pretty sure that by the time she's 10 she will no longer want a pacifier at bedtime, wear a diaper when she sleeps, or insist on putting away her favorite toys when friends come over (her attempt at getting around the whole sharing thing)."

Couldn't agree more, Lauren!

And I'm in. Are you?

More Mom and kiddo name pairs:
Ramya and Chiara

Lauren and Stella

Laura and Georgiana

Jeanann and Ruby

Lynn and Sebastian

Jenne and  RoxieBowie & Valentine

Meredith and Grayson

Ann and Luna

Jemima and Rafaella Israel 

Additional names from todays inspirations:

These interviews are so addictive. I can hardly wait to read them all! Get on over to The Glow! You will even discover why and how some of the names were picked, in addition to getting an eye full of awesome scenery.

Have a glowing Monday!

All images are by Kelly Stuart and courtesy of The Glow


  1. Love. love love Stella!
    Violet is a fave name of my daughter...

  2. I love Rafaella Israel! It's beautiful.

  3. The name Valentine has been on my mind quite a but recently, either for males or females.