Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Suvi Ainoa

Suvi Ainoa is a sustainable lifestyle brand celebrating "simple ways to live" for Parent and child. I'm in love with the simple linen dresses, aprons, baby floor mats, plaid placemats and coasters. The special illustrations by Finnish artist, Hanna Konola, on the pictured tea towels are also tugging at me with their minimal designs and environmentally friendly dyes.  And?  Everything is on sale.  

Suvi Ainoa is run by Yanyan.  She's Chinese - American and has lived in Finland as well. Both clearly inspire her aesthetic. Her blog is lovely, too.

And I love the name of her line. Suvi means "summer" in Finnish, and Ainoa means "the only one". A well named shop with noble values and beautiful treasures is always lovely to find.

(images: 5 & 6 courtesy Suvi Ainoa, images 1-4 & 7 courtesy Design Mom) 


  1. these are stunning!! especially love the dress!

    1. thanks, Leen. I'm certainly excited about your lovelies, as well!

  2. Suvi Ainoa is such a lovely combo -- and great products, too. I love that last set so much.

  3. I love the name Suvi! So pretty, and I'm talking about the clothes, too!