Tuesday, September 13, 2011

peace + light

(images-- Sunlight girl by Lina Scheynius, doves in snow,hand daydreaming in misty field, bohemian girl by Annuk Nik)

Rebecca Woolf, writer (Girl's Gone Child), has given birth to her third child and fourth child - girl, girl twins, Reverie Lux and Boheme Shalom. They join siblings Archer Sage and Fable Luella.

 Congratulations Rebecca and family!  The babes are absolutely beautiful and their names are so, so lovely.

Let's talk about those fine names, shall we? 

Reverie -  You'll hear no arguments from me on the virtues of this name; we chose the name as a middle for one of our daughters. I love the nickname Reve just as much. The meaning of this word/name (from dictionary.reference.com):
"a state of dreamy meditation or fanciful musing: lost inreverie." and "Music an instrumental composition of a vague and dreamycharacter."

Lux - 'light'. 

The full name together is so stunning. I agree with Rebecca and family, these themes of light and daydreams fit together like bees and honey! I notice that sisters Fable and Reverie both have L middle names, and their first names are both things that people have or create - stories, songs, dreams.


Boheme - A bohemian, a gypsy, a wanderer, a bold individual. Will she use nickname, Bo

Shalom - 'peace', which is so perfect with Boheme - it has a real musicality, doesn't it? 

Similarly, I love that Boheme and brother Archer both have S middle names, and their first names both describe something that people are/do. Additionally, the nickname Bo sounds like Bow, the tool used by the Archer! I can't help but wonder if this symmetry was intentional? I wouldn't be too surprised if every detail like this was thoughtfully considered here.

Again, Rebecca Woolf & family, congratulations on your beautiful new additions, and thank you for letting us talk about the meaningful names you chose!


  1. I have loved following her journey with R & B. I am so happy for her and her family! Such beautiful names, too. Great post. xo.

  2. Oh, I guessed Boheme. Love it, wish I was brave enough to use it.

    Gorgeous names, though Shalom isn't so much my style, but the others are.

    Well done, they suit her kids' names so well.

  3. got it, Aiti! corrected, thank you!

    Me, too, Nicole! Thanks for commenting!

  4. On Rebecca's latest tweets, she calls them Rev and Bo. :)

    Love the names!

  5. Hi I just found this blog while looking for names for our baby boy due in April.
    We love non-traditional names but can't seem to agree on one. We have a two year old daughter and her name is Arrow Alexis, which we completely love, and I am thrilled to see it on your list. I suggested Archer, thinking it would flow nicely and would be in the opposite direction of Beau...(all we hear is we should name him Beau, but I think she should marry a Beau :) Needless to say I am obsessed with arrows now. I just want something strong but different enough where there isn't five other boys in his play group looking at me when I call his name out.