Monday, October 15, 2012


-- "Yeah speaking of horses, I always play with the contrast of vulnerability versus strength. Raw material and sensitive knits. That’s exactly what horses reflect in their aura. For instance, dressage inspires me. It’s not power, it’s strength that you have to control. On the other hand they are very sensitive, which I find fascinating. Actually I am on the outlook for a word that combines the two: strength and vulnerability."
Nanna van Blaaderen at Freunde von Freunden. Love this interview so much.  A textile and clothing designer specializing in knits, Nanna works from her home, where she is surrounded by the animals who inspire her creations, sometimes knitting for eight hours a day. Dreamy.

I can't help but wonder if she ever hears, "Um, you know that name means 'grandma' in... " (with a crinkled up face), as we so often do when we introduce our daughter, Nona, here in the states.  Our new favorite response: Maybe because grandmothers are like ancient goddesses? (they totally are.)

See the rest of her beautiful space over at FVF! 

images: via FVF, by Mathieu Garnier


  1. Dear Kristen,

    I've just discovered your blog and it is so, so lovely. I have ignored laundry and other tasks to scroll through the archives - magical! I am expecting my first child in March, and would quite appreciate your opinion/thoughts on them;



    We have a cat named Nan, after Nancy Mitford, so I like those Nan-related names!)

  2. Hi Annika (love your name), thanks for commenting and I'm so glad you found me! I'm ignoring packing and cleaning right now, too. ; )

    Congratulations on your coming baby!

    My faves from your list? easy
    August (also Augustus and Augustine)
    Julius (also Junius)
    Cordelia 'Coco' or 'Cordi'

    Happy naming!

  3. Gorgeous. I love how N names feel on the tongue. I also adore Noni - a well-loved name in Indonesia, where I grew up. (and Nona means "lady" in Indonesian, by the way! :)

    1. Valerie, I'm dying here. And here I thought I'd gathered all the meanings of Nona. I tell you, each time I find one, it's a goodie.

      According to my grandmother, when she was a little girl, there was a woman in our home town named Nona Katherine, and she went by Noni Kate! So my grandma calls Nona 'Noni'.

      Thanks for commenting!

  4. Thanks for the reply Kristen!

    I forgot to add Eulalie in my previous comment, but I think we've decided on Julius for a boy! (Unless he ends up being a Dexter) Funny, I thought you'd vouch for Lyra since it's simple, with literary and mythological connections...but that's taste for you. ;) I think our struggle is between style vs. significance. Knowing that we had a bit of help from you makes all the difference!

    Noni Kate is gorgeous. I could imagine that on one of the "strong yet vulnerable" horses Nanna spoke of.