Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ask: Amy Merrick of An Apple a Day

These are the work of floral designer, photographer and blogger, Amy Merrick. Oh the loveliness! Amy has such an eye for beauty and her work really celebrates it in a very natural way. Her arrangements are striking and fluid.  I love them. They make me want to become a floral designer.

A giant thank you to the lovely Amy Merrick (below) of An Apple a Day and Amy Merrick Flowers and Styling for giving us an interview today! She's also helping me name someone special!

 Amy's beautiful shop website has been recently revamped and is looking so pretty. She writes about the process here.

She also contributed to the new Design*Sponge book, which was released recently--one more reason to get this book!

And Amy writes a fantastically beautiful (and well-namedblog, An Apple a Day, where she takes the loveliest slice-of-life photos. I want my girls and I to have more days (and nights) like these!

This ensemble she's wearing makes me want to get gussied up for a party pronto (stunning isn't she?)

And I love her way with words, so let's hear from Amy!

1. Is there a story behind the name of your blog, An Apple a Day? Can you tell us more about how you thought through the process of naming it? I assume your posts are the proverbial daily apples (which we all know are very, very good for us)? 

I honestly didn't think too hard on it, I just wanted something familiar that spoke to the daily updates I'd be making. I don't post as much as I'd like, so I joke it should be called an apple every week or so if you're lucky.

2. Favorite flower? 

I will always love Lily of the Valley.

3. Have you come across any botanical names on people in your Brooklyn community? If so, have any stood out as being particularly lovely? 

I know a few girls with the middle name Rose and most end up joining it with their first name. I know a Chelsea Rose and I think it's pretty . 

4. Fall is here! Are there any specific plants or flowers you're looking forward to working with this fall? Or, any that remind you of autumn? 

Fall is the best time of year for flowers, I think. I can't get enough of apples on the branch or dinner plate dahlias.

5. Do you ever use other aesthetic experiences to inspire your creations: music, film, paintings, aromas, food, or the written word? Is there an arrangement you've done that is linked to a specific inspiration, which you can share? 

My top-shelf inspiration comes straight from the garden but I'm also hopelessly inspired by floral still life paintings. This arrangement 
was all cut from my family's garden and inspired by Fantin-Latour- the roses in his paintings are so simple but evocative.
(yes, they are, Amy! and your arrangements show all the beauty of them!  image source)

6. Name-Game time!  I love the paintings of Tastes Orangey. I'm getting this print:
After months of trying to pick one I decided that this one illustrates so many days of my own past! She'll live next to something very indulgent and floral, so I've decided that she should have a botanical and literary name when I bring her home.  I'd love you to help us give her a name by answering the following questions:

For the first name: what is a flower who's name you love as much as the flower itself? 

Marigold is a pretty spectacular name and such a charming, humble flower.

For the middle name: a character from or author of a book you love (first, middle, or last.) 

Hands down March from Little Women. I was born to be a March sister.

There we have it, Marigold March. What a fantastic and beautiful name! 

Amy, this was so much fun. Thank you so very much!  

Don't forget to check out Amy's blog and website, and let us know your favorite floral and literary names, too!

From today's natural and botanical inspirations:
Chelsea Rose
Marigold March

(all images courtesy of An Apple a Day and Tastes Orangey)


  1. Marigold March is great. I've always loved Marigolds and I think Marigold as a name is so cheerful and bright. Sadly, in the UK, it is terribly associated with a brand of rubber gloves used for washing up.

    For me, it also happens to be my favorite brand of vegetable bouillon.

    Still -- I have met a Marigold, and it definitely works...

  2. Marigold March is a stunning combination, I have a special place in my heart for floral-themed names.

  3. This was fantastic, I love Amy's blog! Marigold March is gorgeous.

  4. Great post!

    My name, based on your name-game, would be: Iris Cornelia. The iris is my great-grandmother's favorite flower. And Cornelia was the name of a character in the American Girl series books (the "Samantha" series). I read all the American Girl books, cover-to-cover.

    p.s. I know I'm genetically predisposed to having a blonde baby, so Marigold has always been on my list of girl names, so I can call her "Goldie." xo.